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The Palgrave Handbook of Workplace Well-Being

Gebonden Engels 2021 9783030300241
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This handbook proposes to present best practices in managing and leading the 21st century workforce. It offers strategies and tools to cultivate well-being in the present day boundary-less work environment. Research shows that organizations with higher levels of employee engagement routinely out-perform those with lower employee engagement. This handbook provides valuable insights into why employee well-being is such a powerful driver of employee performance and engagement and what organizations can do to enhance workplace well-being and fulfillment. It brings the research on workplace well-being up-to-date while precisely mapping its terrain and extending the scope and boundaries of this field in an inclusive and egalitarian manner.


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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A. WORK ALIENATION AND DISENGAGEMENT1. Reality of World-Wide Workplace Disengagement302. Disempowering Organizational Cultures3. Toxic Work Environment4. Toxic Organizations and Leaders 5. Empowering and Healthy Workplace6. Stress at Work and Workplace Depression7. Workplace Bullying8. Bully bosses and mental health of the employees9. Destructive/Negative Emotions in the Workplace
B. HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE AT WORK1. Alchemy of Positive Change at Work2. Myths of Happiness: Separating Science from the Hype3. Happiness comes before success4. Happiness, Human Potential and Workplace Well-being 5. Purpose, Meaning, Joy and Fulfillment at Work6. Positive Outliers at Work: Personal and Organizational Excellence7. Subjective Well-Being: The Science of Happiness 8. Meaning and Motivation at Work9. Greater engagement, retention, and performance through Flow at Work10. Cultivating Flow in the Workplace: Understanding the Psychology of Flow
C. SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, ORG. BEHAVIOR1. Leveraging Best Practices in Social Psychology2. Engaged, Empowered, and Inspired at Work3. Fulfilled Employees: From Wealth to Well-Being4. Gratitude and Compassion Count the most for Happiness5. Trust, Empathy and Oxytocin6. Harnessing Happy Hormones at Work7. In-group vs. Out-group Polarization8. Cognitive dissonance9. The Bystander Effect10. Peak: Learning from the Science of Expert Performance11. Employee Engagement: Key to Organization Success5012. Empowering/High Performing Work Environment13. Self-Directed High Performing Teams
D. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE1. Self-Awareness Learned Emotional Competencies2. Social Emotional Learning (SEL)3. Social Intelligence (in the Workplace): The New Science of Human Relationship4. Building trust through Emotional and Social Intelligence5. Resilience6. Multiple Intelligence Construct and Workplace Excellence
E. SPIRITUALITY AND SECULAR ETHICS 1. Secular Ethics: Becoming a Force of Good2. Inclusive Workplace Spirituality: Pointers and Prospects3. Spiritual Leadership and Workplace Well-being4. Holistic Leadership: Harnessing Self, Service and Spirit at Work 5. Appreciative Inquiry: Leaders as “Good-Finders”6. Altruism: Transforming ourselves to transform the world

F. MINDFULNESS AT WORKPLACE1. Self-Regulation, Self Awareness, Meta awareness2. Pathways to Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit3. Mindfulness and Altered Traits4. Mindfulness, Compassion and Self-Compassion at Work5. Attention, Focus and Joyful Transformations at Work6. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and alternations in Brain 7. Mindfulness in the Workplace: Benefits, Risks, Challenges 8. Cultivating Mindfulness in the Workplace
G. ORGANIZATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE FOR LEADERS AND MANAGERS1. Ethics of Quantum Mechanics, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity2. Becoming a More Effective Leader Using the Latest Brain Research3. Information Overload and Myth of Multitasking 4. Leading by Dissent & Brain Health5. Alive At Work: Loving what you Do6. Harnessing right emotions for right decisions7. Brain Agility and Engagement8. The symbiotic relationship between Body and Brain: Lessons for Leadership
H. World’s Contemplative Wisdom Traditions1. Wisdom of Desert Fathers2. Buddhist Psychology, Happiness, and Workplace Flourishing3. Wisdom of Hasidic Masters4. Classical Wisdom for Modern Leaders5. Stoic Guide to Good Life: Dealing with Anger and Grief the Stoic way6. Managing by the Vedas: Workplace Happiness and Fulfillment according to Vedānta7. Well-being Insights from World’s Major Wisdom Traditions8. Leading Organizations with Wisdom

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        The Palgrave Handbook of Workplace Well-Being