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Objectivity in Science

New Perspectives from Science and Technology Studies

Paperback Engels 2016 9783319382937
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This highly multidisciplinary collection discusses an increasingly important topic among scholars in science and technology studies: objectivity in science. It features eleven essays on scientific objectivity from a variety of perspectives, including philosophy of science, history of science, and feminist philosophy. Topics addressed in the book include the nature and value of scientific objectivity, the history of objectivity, and objectivity in scientific journals and communities. Taken individually, the essays supply new methodological tools for theorizing what is valuable in the pursuit of objective knowledge and for investigating its history. The essays offer many starting points, while suggesting new avenues of research. Taken collectively, the essays exemplify the very virtues of objectivity that they theorize—in reading them together, the reader can sense various anxieties about the dangerously subjective in our age and locate commonalities of concern as well as differences of approach. As a result, the volume offers an expansive vision of a research community seeking a communal understanding of its own methods and its own epistemic anxieties, struggling to enunciate the key problems of knowledge of our time and offer insight into how to overcome them.  


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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​Introduction; Jonathan Y. Tsou, Alan Richardson and Flavia Padovani.- PART I: POSITIONS ON OBJECTIVITY IN CONTEMPORARY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY STUDIES.- Chapter 1: Let’s Not Talk about Objectivity; Ian Hacking.- Chapter 2: Objectivity for Sciences from Below; Sandra Harding.- Chapter 3: The Journalist, the Scientist, and Objectivity; Peter Galison.- PART II: OBJECTIVITY AS A TOPIC IN HISTORICAL EPISTEMOLOGY.- Chapter 4: The Ethos of Critique in German Idealism; Joan Steigerwald.- Chapter 5: The Physiology of the Sense Organs and Early Neo-Kantian Conceptions of Objectivity: Helmholtz, Lange, Liebmann; Scott Edgar.- Chapter 6: Seeing and Hearing: Charcot, Freud and the Objectivity of Hysteria; Paolo Savoia.- Chapter 7: Objectivities in Print; Alex Csiszar.- PART III: SECURING OBJECTIVITY IN SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS AND COMMUNITIES.- Chapter 8: Objectivity, Intellectual Virtue, and Community; Moira Howes.- Chapter 9: A Plurality of Pluralisms: Collaborative Practice in Archaeology; Alison Wylie.- Chapter 11: The View from Here and There: Objectivity and the Rhetoric of Breast Cancer; Judy Segal.

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        Objectivity in Science