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Legal Validity and Soft Law

Gebonden Engels 2018 9783319775210
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This book features essays that investigate the nature of legal validity from the point of view of different traditions and disciplines. Validity is a fascinating and elusive characteristic of law that in itself deserves to be explored, but further investigation is made more acute and necessary by the production, nowadays, of soft law products of regulation, such as declarations, self-regulatory codes, and standardization norms. These types of rules may not exhibit the characteristics of formal law, and may lack full formal validity but yet may have a very real impact on people's lives. The essays focus on the structural properties of hard and soft legal phenomena and the basis of their validity. Some propose to redefine validity: to allow for multiple concepts instead of one and/or to allow for a gradual concept of validity. Others seek to analyze the new situation by linking it to familiar historical debates and well-established theories of law. In addition, coverage looks at the functions of validity itself. The discussion considers both international law as well as domestic law arrangements. What does it mean to say that something is valid? Should we discard validity as the determining aspect of law? If so, what does this mean for our concept of law? Should we differentiate between kinds of validity? Or, can we say that rules can be "more" or "less" valid? After reading this book, practitioners, scholars and students will have a nuanced understanding of these questions and more.

Chapter 6 is available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via link.springer.com.


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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Chapter 1: What Is Validity? Lessons From Soft Law (Jaap Hage).- Chapter 2: Concept and Validity of Law (Stephan Kirste).- What is legal validity and is it important? Some critical remarks about the legal status of soft law (Anne-Ruth Mackor).- Chapter 4: Validity: The Reputation Of Rules (Pauline Westerman).- Chapter 5: Sources of Validity (Matthieu Carpentier).- Chapter 6: Unpacking Legal Validity (Paolo Sandro).- Chapter 7: Critical Remarks on Alf Ross’s Probabilistic Concept of Validity (Katarzyna Eliasz).- Chapter 8: A Fuller Understanding of Legal Validity and Soft Law (Bart van Klink).- Chapter 9: Sovereignty And Validity (Antonia Waltermann).- Chapter 10: A Short Note On Validity Of Rules Guiding Informal Markets (Yugank Goyal).- Chapter 11: Legal Validity, Soft Law and International Human Rights Law (Mátyás Bódig).- Chapter 12: Validity in positive law (Dietmar von der Pfordten).

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        Legal Validity and Soft Law