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Landscape Economics

Paperback Engels 2018 9783319855073
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This revised and expanded edition of Colin Price's seminal publication provides a richly comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of landscape economics, a subject which has until now been addressed only in limited aspects. Although much of the book's discussion is based upon natural resources and environmental economics, the author presents a wide and integrative view, drawing from aesthetic, psychological, social and political perspectives and applying a critical use of economic concepts and challenges to different schools of thought on the landscape. This new edition includes new ideas and critiques on environmental valuation; more focused critiques of stated preference methods, political alternatives to economic valuation, and of the rationale of discounting future values; and, new evaluative techniques, particularly price premia for products with a landscape provenance.
For those interested in the theoretical aspects of aesthetic valuation, and for those who seek solutions to practical problems of aesthetic conservation, amelioration and enhancement, this new edition gives an overview of evaluative techniques, of their potential problems and of possible solutions. The updates are a major contribution to the growing literature in the field.


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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Preface to first edition.- Preface to second edition.- 1. The First Hurdle.- 2. The Costs of Landscape.- 3. The Constitution of Value.- 4. The Approach of the Aesthetic Expert.- 5. Monetising the Expert Valuation: the Helliwell System.- 6. The Expert Approach: the CTLA system.- 7. Cost–benefit analysis and Willingness to Pay.- 8. Consultations and Referenda.- 9. Inquiries and Democratic Discussion Fora: Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence.- 10. Markets, Quasi-markets and Subscriptions.- 11. Stated Preference Questionnaires.- 12. The Statistical Basis of Valuation: the Hedonic House Price Model.- 13. Visited, Traversed and Conjectured Landscape.- 14. Controlled Subjectivity: Expert Mediation in Aesthetic Valuation.- 15. Values over Time.- 16. The Application of Landscape Economics.- 17. Still, not a Featureless Plain.- Appendices.

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        Landscape Economics