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The Future of Europe

Views from the Capitals

Paperback Engels 2018 9783319930459
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With a Foreword by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani.
This book sheds light on the political dynamics within the EU member states and contributes to the discussions about Europe. Authors from all member states as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey assess how their country could get more involved in the European debate, taking the reader on a journey through various political landscapes and different views. The chapters cover issues ranging from a perceived lack of ambition at the periphery to a careful balancing act between diverse standpoints at the geographical centre. Yet, discussions share common features such as the anxiety regarding national sovereignty, the migration and border discourse, security concerns as well as the obvious need to regain trust and create policies that work. The book contributes vigorously to the debate about Europe in all capitals and every corner of the continent, because this is where its future will be decided.


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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<div><div>Why this book?</div><div>Johannes Pollak, Paul Schmidt, Michael Kaeding</div><div>Foreword</div><div>Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament</div><div>Austria in Europe: Size matters – But so do ideas</div><div>Johannes Pollak, Paul Schmidt</div><div>Belgium in search of a stance on today's EU integration dilemmas</div><div>Nathalie Brack, Amandine Crespy</div><div>Bulgaria: More Europe in Domestic Politics</div><div>Daniel Smilov</div><div>Croatia: Finally in the EU but still in search for a place under the (EU) sun</div><div>Jakša Puljiz</div><div>A future Europe for Cyprus: a struggle to overcome the utopianism of the 1990s and come to terms with the tough pragmatism of the 2020s</div>Giorgos Kentas</div><div>Czech Republic – a paradise for Eurosceptics?</div><div>Petr Kratochvíl, Zdeněk Sychra</div><div>The Schizophrenic Danes</div><div>Marlene Wind</div><div>Has the Estonian e-Tiger been caught napping?</div><div>Viljar Veebel</div><div>Bridging the EU’s political dividing lines is in Finland’s security interest</div><div>Juha Jokela</div><div>France: Supporting the jobless – a job for Europe</div><div>Xavier Ragot, Olivier Rozenberg</div><div>Germany and the EU: Managing differentiation to avoid structural segregation</div><div>Andreas Maurer</div><div>Greece: Of “Future of Europe” plans and political honesty</div><div>Xenophon Yataganas, A.D. Papagiannidis</div><div>Hungary: Becoming Pioneers Again</div><div>Péter Balázs</div><div>Active participation, an Icelandic-German alliance and united Nordic front</div><div>Baldur Thorhallsson</div><div>Ireland and the EU: A Pragmatic Approach to Integration<br></div><div>Cian McCarthy</div><div>Italy and the EU: A Relationship with Uncertain Outcomes</div><div>Sergio Fabbrini</div><div>Latvia’s Future in a Deepened EU: Fine with the Right Wine</div><div>Karlis Bukovskis, Aldis Austers</div><div>Lithuania and the EU: pragmatic support driven by security concerns</div><div>Ramūnas Vilpišauskas</div><div>Luxembourg and the EU: How to Integrate in the Face of Diversity</div><div>Anna-Lena Högenauer</div><div>Malta: Small and Peripheral but Aiming for the Core of Europe</div><div>Mark Harwood</div><div>The Netherlands and the EU: Strengthening but not centralising the EU</div><div>Adriaan Schout</div><div>Exit, Voice, and Loyalty: Norway's Options</div><div>Ulf Sverdrup</div><div>Solidarity with Poland but not from Poland</div><div>Zdzisław Mach</div><div>The bell has rung: Portugalʼs main bet is on the conclusion of the EMU</div><div>Alice Cunha</div><div>The EU’s young and restless democracy – Romania’s lessons and contribution</div><div>Bianca Toma</div><div>Being European – the Slovak Way</div><div>Oľga Gyárfášová, Lucia Mokrá</div><div>Slovenia: From high enthusiasm to frustrating indifference</div><div>Maja Bučar</div><div>Spain in the EU: eager to regain centrality</div><div>Ignacio Molina</div><div>Managing the risk of periphery – Sweden and the future of the EU</div><div>Göran von Sydow</div><div>Towards a «reset» of EU-Swiss relations?</div><div>Frank Schimmelfennig</div><div>Like a Candle in the Wind? Insights and Recommendations on the Turkish Accession to the EU</div><div>Başak Alpan</div><div>The Union after Brexit: Disintegration, differentiation or deepening?</div><div>Brendan Donnelly</div><div><br></div>

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        The Future of Europe