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Gravitational Radiation, Collapsed Objects and Exact Solutions

Proceedings of the Einstein Centenary Summer School, Held in Perth, Australia, January 1979

Paperback Engels 1980 9783540099925
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Aantal pagina's:491
Uitgever:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Hoofdrubriek:Wetenschap en techniek,


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Gravitational radiation and the binary pulsar.- Supernovae — observations and conventional interpretations.- Supernovae — Current areas of research.- Pulsars.- The gamma ray sky at high energies. The role of pulsars as gamma ray sources.- Compact radiation sources in active galactic nuclei.- Some aspects of supernova theory: Implosion, explosion and expansion.- The pulsar magnetosphere.- On the physics of Circinus X-1. I. Periodic flares in the X-ray, optical and radio regimes.- On the physics of Circinus X-1. II. Eccentricity, mass transfer rates, secular orbital effects, possible ?-ray burst, and a possible origin for circinus X-1.- Einstein and gravitational radiation.- Gravity wave antenna — transducer systems.- Parametric upconverter transducers.- Detection of gravitational radiation from pulsars.- Data analysis algorithms for gravitational antenna signals.- Sensitivity of a gravitational radiation antenna instrumented with dual mode transducer and superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID).- Quantum non-demolition.- Gravitation experiments at Stanford.- Stationary axisymmetric gravitational fields: An asymptotic flatness preserving transformation.- Mechanical, electrodynamical and thermodynamical properties of black holes.- Electrovac perturbations of rotating black holes.- Symmetries and exact solutions of Einstein's equations.- Naked singularities.

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        Gravitational Radiation, Collapsed Objects and Exact Solutions