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Psychopathology and Philosophy

Paperback Engels 1988 9783540503576
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"Psychopathology should make clear what we know, how we know, and what we do not know. " "ffYoU thinkyou could eliminate philosophy, and regard it as something irrele­ vant it will overwhelm you in some obscure tDsguise. This is the point where that bulk of bad philosophy in psychopathological studies originates. " KARL JASPERS Since the publication of KARL JASPERS' General Psychopathology in 1913 at least, it has become obvious that a psychopathologist cannot do without philosophical reflection. If he wants to say anything about disorders of perception and thought, or of the experiencing I, to name the subjects of this book, he must know those disorders and the problems related to them. The phenomena and problems in question are not at all simply empirical (which is to say that they concern the structure and function of the organs of sense or the central nervous system), but conceptual. We have already formed some notions and prejudices concerning those subjects - perception, e. g. , is considered to be "a projection from the outside into the inward", thinking "a kind of inward talk", the I refers to "reflec­ ting upon me by myself', etc. Unless we think about these ideas critically, we shall fail in describing disorders of experience, thought, and action.


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Psychiatry, Philosophy, and the Problem of Description.- One: Disturbances of Perception and Formal Thought.- Affekte als Wahrnehmungs- und Denkstörungen.- “Feelings” of Conviction: On the Relation of Affect and Thought Disorder.- Die Beziehung zwischen Philosophie und Psychiatrie, vom Standpunkt einer systemtheoretischen Konzeption produktiver Psychosen aus betrachtet.- Zur Psychopathologie und Neuropsychologic der Wahrnehmung von Gesichtern.- Zur intentionalen Struktur einer schizophasischen Selbstdarstellung.- Dies und nicht das — dies mag das Problem sein: Formal-logische Betrachtungen der schizophrenen Denkstörungen.- Two: Delusions.- Language Disorders in Psychoses and Their Impact on Delusions.- Melancholie und Wahn.- Karl Jaspers, Mental States, and Delusional Beliefs: A Redefinition and Its Implications.- Three: The Experiencing I and Its Disturbances (Ichstörungen).- Bewußtsein und Selbstbewußtsein.- Ichstörungen bei Modellpsychosen.- Ichstörungen: In Search of a Theory.- Zur Psychopathologie des Ich-Erlebens Schizophrener.- Was sind Quasi-Indikatoren? Eine Einführung in Castañedas Theorie der Subjektivität.- Persons, Egos, and /’s: Their Sameness Relations.- Four: Final Comments and Reflections.- Psychopathologie und Philosophie: Synopsis und Ausblick.- Epilogue: Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Modes of Scientific Progress.- Author Index/Personenregister.

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        Psychopathology and Philosophy