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Kickstart to Python 3

An Ultra-Rapid Programming Course

Paperback EN 2023 9783895764868
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This book serves as the very first step to for novices to learn Python programming. The book is divided into ten chapters. In the first chapter, readers are introduced to the basics of Python. It has the detailed instructions for installation on various platforms such as macOS, Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux. It also covers the other aspects of Python programming such as IDEs and Package Manager. The second chapter is where the readers get an opportunity to have a detailed hands-on with Python programming. It covers a group of built-in data structures popularly known as Python Collections. The third chapter covers the important concepts of strings, functions, and recursion.
The fourth chapter focuses on the Object-Oriented Programming with Python. The fifth chapter discusses most commonly used custom data structures such as stack and queue. The sixth chapter spurs the creativity of the readers with Python's Turtle graphics library. The seventh chapter explores animations and game development using the Pygame library. The eighth chapter covers handling data stored in a variety of file formats. The ninth chapter covers the area of Image processing with Wand library in Python. The tenth and the final chapter presents an array of assorted handy topics in Python.
The entire book follows a step-by-step approach. The explanation of the topic is always followed by a detailed code example. The code examples are also explained in suitable detail and they are followed by the output in the form of text or screenshot wherever possible. Readers will become comfortable with Python programming language by closely following the concepts and the code examples in this book. The book also has references to external resources for readers to explore further.
A download of the software code, and links to tutorial videos can be found at www.elektor.com/20106.


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        Kickstart to Python 3