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Handbook of Risk Theory

Epistemology, Decision Theory, Ethics, and Social Implications of Risk

Ingenaaid Engels 2011 9789400714328
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Risk has become one of the main topics in fields as diverse as engineering, medicine and economics, and it is also studied by social scientists, psychologists and legal scholars. But the topic of risk also leads to more fundamental questions such as: What is risk? What can decision theory contribute to the analysis of risk? What does the human perception of risk mean for society? How should we judge whether a risk is morally acceptable or not? Over the last couple of decades questions like these have attracted interest from philosophers and other scholars into risk theory.
This handbook provides for an overview into key topics in a major new field of research. It addresses a wide range of topics, ranging from decision theory, risk perception to ethics and social implications of risk, and it also addresses specific case studies. It aims to promote communication and information among all those who are interested in theoetical issues concerning risk and uncertainty.
This handbook brings together internationally leading philosophers and scholars from other disciplines who work on risk theory. The contributions are accessibly written and highly relevant to issues that are studied by risk scholars. We hope that the Handbook of Risk Theory will be a helpful starting point for all risk scholars who are interested in broadening and deepening their current perspectives.


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1 Introduction to Risk Theory by Sabine Roeser, Rafaela Hillerbrand, Per Sandin, Martin Peterson
Part 1: General Issues in Risk Theory: 2 A Panorama of the Philosophy of Risk by Sven Ove Hansson. 3 The Concepts of Risk and Safety by Niklas Moeller. 4 Levels of Uncertainty by Hauke Riesch.
Part 2 Specific Risks: 5 The Economics of Risk: A (Partial) Survey by Louis Eeckhoudt, Henri Louberge. - 6 Interpretation of Forensic Evidence by Reinoud D. Stoel , Marjan Sjerps. - 7 Risks and Scientific Responsibilities in Nanotechnology by John Weckert. - 8 Risk and Risk-Benefit Evaluations in Biomedical Research by Annette Rid. - 9 Understanding and Governing Public Health Risks by Modeling by Erika Mansnerus. - 10 Management of the Risks of Transport by John Adams. - 11 Risk and Spatial Planning by Claudia Basta. - 12 Intergenerational Risks of Nuclear Energy by Behnam Taebi. 13 Climate Change as Risk? by Rafaela Hillerbrand - 14 Earthquakes and Volcanoes: Risk from Geophysical Hazards by Amy Donovan.
Part 3 Decision Theory and Risk: 15 A Rational Approach to Risk? Bayesian Decision Theory by Claus Beisbart. - 16 A Philosophical Assessment of Decision Theory by Karsten Klint Jensen. - 17 The Mismeasure of Risk by Peter R. Taylor. - 18 Unreliable Probabilities, Paradoxes, and Epistemic Risks by Nils-Eric Sahlin. - 19 Paradoxes of Rational Choice Theory by Till Gruene-Yanoff. - 20 Multi-Attribute Approaches to Risk by Paul Weirich. - 21 Real-Life Decisions and Decision Theory by John R. Welch. - 22 Social Influences on Risk Attitudes: Applications in Economics by Stefan T. Trautmann, Ferdinand M. Vieider.
Part 4 Risk Perception: 23 Risk Intelligence by Dylan Evans. 24 Risk Communication in Health by Nicolai Bodemer, Wolfgang Gaissmaier. - 25 Risk Perception and Societal Response by Lennart Sjoeberg. - 26 The Role of Feelings in Perceived Risk by Melissa L. Finucane. -27 Emotions, Warnings, and the Ethics of Risk Communication by Ross Buck, Rebecca Ferrer. - 28 Cultural Cognition as a Conception of the Cultural Theory of Risk by Dan M. Kahan. - 29 Tools for Risk Communication by Britt-Marie Drottz-Sjoeberg.
Part 5 Risk Ethics: 30 Ethics and Risk by Douglas MacLean. 31 Toward a Pre-Market Approach to Risk Assessment to Protect Children by Carl F. Cranor. -32 Moral Emotions as Guide to Acceptable Risk by Sabine Roeser. -33 Risk and Virtue Ethics by Allison Ross, Nafsika Athanassoulis. -34 Risk and Trust by Philip J. Nickel , Krist Vaesen. -35 Risk and Responsibility by Ibo van de Poel, Jessica Nihlen Fahlquist. -36 What Is a Fair Distribution of Risk? by Madeleine Hayenhjelm - 37 Intergenerational Risks by Lauren Hartzell-Nichols. -38 The Precautionary Principle by Marko Ahteensuu, Per Sandin. - 39 The Capability Approach in Risk Analysis by Colleen Murphy, Paolo Gardoni. -
Part 6 Risk in Society: 40 Sociology of Risk by Rolf Lidskog, Goeran Sundqvist. - 41 Risk and Gender - Dare Devils and Eco-Angels by Misse Wester. - 42 Risk and Soft Impacts by Tsjalling Swierstra, Hedwig te Molder. - 43 Risk and Technology Assessment by Rinie van Est , Bart Walhout, Frans Brom. - 44 Risk Governance by Marijke A. Hermans , Tessa Fox, Marjolein B. A. van Asselt. - 45 EU Risk Regulation and the Uncertainty Challenge by Marjolein B. A. van Assel , Ellen Vos. - 46 Risk Management in Technocracy by Val Dusek.

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        Handbook of Risk Theory