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How do you create a unifying future narrative for your organisation? In an era of growing awareness of biodiversity, climate change, and new regulations like ESG, sustainability is transforming our society. Stefaan Vandist draws inspiration from groundbreaking examples at the intersection of science, technology, and creativity. His mission? To encourage organisations to 'provotype': gently construct future visions, making them visible and tangible to foster strong engagement. Discover how this approach stimulates impactful innovation, and make this book your toolkit for a more sustainable and connected future.


'This is a book you'll miss even before you've finished reading it entirely. Provotyping reads like a series of thrilling young adult novels, tales of rebels, and legends that inspire asking the Great Question of Innovation: 'what if?' This book is a push for the agent of change. The journey from idea to impact often takes a long time, and the path is fraught with obstacles and detours. But more importantly, Provotyping ignites the agent of change within us. Humanity is always evolving, but a book like Provotyping has a directional influence; it instills hope and challenges us to take action.'
- Arash Aazami | Impact Entrepreneur, Internet of Energy Architect

'Our society is in need of more Provotyping, of tangible, inspiring stories about sustainable change that is already taking place today. Stefaan Vandist shares stories in his book about places, ideas, and people who are taking concrete action. Innovative, entrepreneurial, and collaborative individuals who prove in practice that things can be different. This book gives the reader hope and faith in a more sustainable future, with a higher quality of life in every corner of our planet.'
- Rik Menten | Director of Buildings, Arcadis Belgium

'Loved it! A very practical guide to our better future together, full of crazy magic yet already offering real working solutions.'
- Elena Doms | Head of +EARTH+

'More governments, companies, and individuals recognise the necessity of sustainable living, utilizing Earth's resources wisely. Addressing biodiversity decline and climate change is crucial. But using opportunities is also necessary. Stefaan Vandist's book Provotyping arrives at a timely moment, offering inspiring examples for a promising future. Bold actions from unexpected sources drive change. Guidance is key in navigating this path. Read the book to transform from dreamer to active contributor in shaping a sustainable future.'
-Koos Biesmeijer | Scientific Director, Naturalis Biodiversity Center


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