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Mov® Foundation Management of Value Courseware – English

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2022 9789401808132
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Besides the Mov® Foundation Management of Value Courseware – English publication you are advised to obtain the official publication from TSO.

MoV Foundation is suitable for management and staff in organizations wishing to acquire an understanding of MoV.

MoV is answering the question: are we getting the optimal benefits, at affordable costs, with an acceptable risk level. It shows that we have to achieve the optimal balance between all stakeholders’ needs, and the usage of resources (money, people, time, energy and material). The greater the benefits delivered and the fewer resources that are used in doing so, the higher the value ratio.

It is also intended for professionals involved in directing, managing, supporting and delivering portfolios, programmes and projects, including Senior Management, Programme Managers, Project Managers, Change Managers and Project and Programme Office staff and their sponsors. MoV is also relevant for those who apply the methods in other PPM guides to build on and enhance the activities to maximize value and delivery of benefits.

MoV® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.


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Hoofdrubriek:Algemeen management


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Reflection 7
Agenda 9
Introductions/Objectives 4 12
Foundation Exam Overview 6 13
Introduction to MoV 7 14
MoV in relation to other Best Practices 8 14
What is Value? 11 16
What is MoV? 12 16
Why use MoV? 15 18
Principles 19 20
1. Align with organisation’s objectives 21 21
2. Focus on functions and required outcomes 22 21
3. Balance the variables to maximise value 24 22
4. Apply throughout the investment decision 27 24
5 Tailor to suit the subject 28 24
6 Learn from experience and improve performance 29 25
7 Assign clear roles and responsibilities and build a supportive 30 25
Processes 33 27
1. Frame the programme or project. 35 28
2. Gather information 36 28
3. Analyse information 37 29
4. Process information 39 30
5. Evaluate and select 40 30
6. Develop Value Improving Proposals 41 31
7. Implement and share outputs 42 31
Techniques 43 32
Function analysis 45 45
Exercise in Function Analysis 50 35
Function cost Analysis 56 38
Value engineering / analysis 57 39
Techniques commonly used in MoV 58 39
Approach to Implementation 61 41
Responding to the environment 71 46

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        Mov® Foundation Management of Value Courseware – English