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Unleash your full potential

Paperback NL 2020 9789492798336
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Tweede editie 2019, Engelstalig

People with a higher level of Wellbeing (WQ) perform better, are happier and altogether achieve a higher quality of life.

Be it on the playing field or at work, high performance depends on Wellbeing. When people feel strong physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, they perform
better, for longer and with more passion.

There are many ways through which you can enhance your Wellbeing. One of the
key drivers of Wellbeing is personal energy. The WQ-program aims to enhance your Wellbeing by increasing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy, by improving the four fundamental elements of a healthy life: Eat, Move, Sleep & Relax.

Folef offers practical tips for making small but long-lasting changes in your daily routine, supported by references to behavioral science. The strategies in this book have been tried & tested and, if implemented, will definitely enhance your WQ!

Folef Bredt is Founder of, and Innovation Director at Lifeguard. Their mission is to keep companies and their employees happy & healthy. Folef is the architect of the WQ (Wellbeing Quotient) program. With Lifeguard, Folef has gained extensive experience in coaching and training thousands of people at over a hundred companies. He has helped many employees in developing physical, mental and emotional strength, whereby significantly improving their performance
and enhancing their Wellbeing.

He has a background in stress-management and is specialized in behavior change and corporate Wellbeing.
He lives with his partner and three children
in Maarssen, The Netherlands.

“Change ultimately has to come from within, but what is different about Folef’s WQ program is not only does he open the door to a more fulfilling life, but he takes your hand and guides you every step of this transformational journey. No more excuses, stop talking and start doing.” Andy Jones

“The good thing about the WQ approach is the fact that it provides a cafeteria plan of solutions, tweaks and suggestions from which each individual can make a best fitting selection … for me this results in a sustainable improvement and avoids chasing unreachable goals.“
Philip Wietendaele

“Most of the elements in the programme were more a gentle reminder than a wake-up call, but that actually works best for me.”
Lody Prijs

“When it comes to being successful in sports, talent sets the floor and character sets the ceiling. In business, IQ sets the floor and EQ sets the ceiling. What I like about the WQ program is that it helps us to raise the happiness ceiling in both our personal and professional lives.”
Peter van Rest

“WQ program offers you something you can’t buy, you can’t borrow, you can’t inherit, you can’t fake and you can’t hold on to without constant work…and yet is accessible to everyone in one of the most rewarding journey!” Nabil Bouanani

For practical tips that can help you make small but long lasting changes in your daily routine, visit: www.wellbeingquotient.com


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