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Well-Being in the Workplace: Governance and Sustainability Insights to Promote Workplace Health

Paperback Engels 2021 9789811536212
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This book is intended for human resources management academics, researchers, students, organizational leaders and managers, HR Practitioners, and those responsible for helping support employees in the 21st-century workplace. It offers a path forward to create an environment that will not only build a healthier workplace by providing appropriate and effective well-being interventions but also offers solutions to manage multi-generational and ‘holistic’ employees within the employment relationship.  

The book describes the factors that promote healthy and WELL organizations and introduces concepts and strategies to reduce workplace stress and mental health issues and improve workplace well-being toward sustained organizational success. Employers that embrace the corporate responsibility of promoting the health and well-being of multi-generational, holistic employees will reap cost savings, employee engagement, and productivity advantages, as well as a healthier and more productive workforce. 


Uitgever:Springer Singapore


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Chapter 1: A Introduction to Employee Well-Being Research Terrain.- Chapter 2: Historical and Theoretical Debates in Human Resources Management and High Performing Organisations.- Chapter 3: Workplace Well-Being: Understanding Psychologically ‘WELL’ Employees and the Sustainable Healthy Workplaces.- Chapter 4: Constructing Well-Being at Work: What Does It Mean?.- Chapter 5: A Methodological approach to Workplace Well-Being Research in a New Public Management Environment.- Chapter 6: Well-Being at Work: Understanding Employees Working Life Realities in the Public Sector Context – Observations and Documentary Analysis.- Chapter 7: Workplace Stress and Well-Being in the Workplace: The Workers’ Voice.- Chapter 8: Mental Health and Well-Being in the Workplace.- Chapter 9: Multi-generational Workforce and Well-Being at work.- Chapter 10: Well-Being at Work with Limited Resources: A Public Sector Context.- Chapter 11: Work-Life-Balance and Well-being at Work: Strategies for Individual and Organizational Health and Potential.- Chapter 12: The Work Environment and Wellbeing at Work: Employees Experiences in the Public Sector.- Chapter 13: Beneath the Melting Ice: Definitions, Importance, and Improvement in Wellbeing at Work in Local Government.- Chapter 14: Quality of Working Life, Leadership, and Wellbeing in the Public Sector: Insights from Employees.- Chapter 15: Evaluation of Workplace Well-Being Research: Developing a Healthy Resilient and Sustainable Organization – A UK Public Sector Case Study.

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        Well-Being in the Workplace: Governance and Sustainability Insights to Promote Workplace Health