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Making Sustainability Stick

The Blueprint for Successful Implementation (paperback)

Paperback Engels 2015 9780134383040
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“Super practical. Wilhelm shares the way to get things done, combining industry best practices and wisdom from his real-world consulting experience.”
--HUNTER LOVINS, President, Natural Capitalism Solutions

“This is a book about culture change, fully woven into a book about sustainability. How to change culture is the holy grail of sustainability champions. Kevin nails it.”
--BOB WILLARD, author and speaker, The Sustainability Advantage

“This is the quintessential ‘how to’ guidebook for companies that want to implement sustainability and make it last.”
--GIFFORD PINCHOT, Cofounder and President, Bainbridge Graduate Institute

“This book encapsulates the best of Drucker, Collins, Senge, and Willard in one place and focuses it on how to operationalize sustainability.”
--MIKE BELLAMENTE, Director, Climate Counts

A Complete Blueprint for Driving Business Value from Sustainability--Now and for Years to Come

To realize the enormous financial, social, and environmental benefits of sustainability, you need to integrate it into everything your company does. Many companies have set out to do this, but few have fully achieved success. This book helps you transform sustainability from “something the company does” to a core source of value creation and innovation for the business--one that everyone can see, measure, and buy into.

Drawing on his experience helping more than 75 companies profit from sustainability, Kevin Wilhelm helps you identify opportunities, overcome numerous barriers and obstacles, engage employees, gain deep executive and stakeholder support, implement policies, and drive the behavior change necessary to get results. Wilhelm shares insights from dozens of business and thought leaders, including many who’ve gone “off the record” to be stunningly frank about the lessons they’ve learned.

This book is packed with tips, checklists, worksheets, and strategies for making sustainability real. It helps you identify your best opportunities to drive value through sustainability--and systematically integrate it into every decision, product, function, job, and market.

The Business Case: Why You’re Playing The Game
Proving the added value of sustainability: from cost savings to risk reduction to customer loyalty The Fundamentals: “Blocking and Tackling” Building Blocks
Setting goals, baselining, and gaining the management and stakeholder support you need Long-Term Value Creation: Scoring and Winning the Game
Managing change, engaging employees, and institutionalizing sustainable systems Getting from Here to There--From Wherever You Are Right Now
Assessing where you stand, what to do first, and how to bring that vision to reality


Uitgever:Pearson Education


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Introduction   1
How to Use This Book   5
Chapter 1: The Business Case   9
Chapter 2: Defining Sustainability   45
Chapter 3: Understanding Your Stakeholders and What Is Material to Them   53
Chapter 4: Baselining Sustainability to Measure What Matters   75
Chapter 5: Goals/Vision and Your Sustainability North Star   103
Chapter 6: Management Support Is Essential   129
Chapter 7: Understanding Change Management to Guide Implementation   141
Chapter 8: Engaging Employees Around Sustainability   177
Chapter 9: Systems, Decision Making, and Internal Alignment   201
Chapter 10: Institutionalizing Sustainability   227
Chapter 11: Communicating Sustainability Internally   245
Individuals Interviewed for This Book   265
Citations and Endnotes   267
Index   279

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        Making Sustainability Stick