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The Clean Coder

A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers

Paperback Engels 2011 9780137081073
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Programmers who endure and succeed amidst swirling uncertainty and nonstop pressure share a common attribute: They care deeply about the practice of creating software. They treat it as a craft. They are professionals.

In 'The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers', legendary software expert Robert C. Martin introduces the disciplines, techniques, tools, and practices of true software craftsmanship. This book is packed with practical advice-about everything from estimating and coding to refactoring and testing. It covers much more than technique: It is about attitude. Martin shows how to approach software development with honor, self-respect, and pride; work well and work clean; communicate and estimate faithfully; face difficult decisions with clarity and honesty; and understand that deep knowledge comes with a responsibility to act.

Readers will learn
- What it means to behave as a true software craftsman
- How to deal with conflict, tight schedules, and unreasonable managers
- How to get into the flow of coding, and get past writer's block
- How to handle unrelenting pressure and avoid burnout
- How to combine enduring attitudes with new development paradigms
- How to manage your time, and avoid blind alleys, marshes, bogs, and swamps
- How to foster environments where programmers and teams can thrive
- When to say "No"-and how to say it
- When to say "Yes"-and what yes really means

Great software is something to marvel at: powerful, elegant, functional, a pleasure to work with as both a developer and as a user. Great software isn't written by machines. It is written by professionals with an unshakable commitment to craftsmanship. The Clean Coder will help you become one of them-and earn the pride and fulfillment that they alone possess.


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Over Robert Martin

Robert Cecil Martin (in de volksmond bekend als Uncle Bob) is een Amerikaanse software-ingenieur en auteur. Hij is co-auteur van het Agile Manifesto. Hij runt nu een adviesbureau genaamd Uncle Bob Consulting LLC en Clean Coders, dat video’s host op basis van zijn ervaringen en boeken.

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About the Author
On the Cover

Pre-Requisite Introduction

1. Professionalism
-e Careful What You Ask For
-Taking Responsibility
-First, Do No Harm
-Work Ethic

2. Saying No
-Adversarial Roles
-High Stakes
-Being a "Team Player"
-The Cost of Saying Yes
-Code Impossible

3. Saying Yes
-A Language of Commitment
-Learning How to Say "Yes"

4. Coding
-The Flow Zone
-Writer's Block
-Pacing Yourself
-Being Late

5. Test Driven Development
-The Jury Is In
-The Three Laws of TDD
-What TDD Is Not

6. Practicing
-Some Background on Practicing
-The Coding Dojo
-Broadening Your Experience

7. Acceptance Testing
-Communicating Requirements
-Acceptance Tests

8. Testing Strategies
-QA Should Find Nothing
-The Test Automation Pyramid

9. Time Management
-Time Boxing and Tomatoes
-Blind Alleys
-Marshes, Bogs, Swamps, and Other Messes

10. Estimation
-What Is an Estimate?
-Estimating Tasks
-The Law of Large Numbers

11. Pressure
-Avoiding Pressure
-Handling Pressure

12. Collaboration
-Programmers versus People

13. Teams and Projects
-Does It Blend?

14. Mentoring, Apprenticeship, and Craftsmanship
-Degrees of Failure

Appendix A: Tooling
-Source Code Control
-Issue Tracking
-Continuous Build
-Unit Testing Tools
-Component Testing Tools
-Integration Testing Tools


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