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The Oxford Handbook of International Trade Law

Paperback Engels 2022 9780192868381
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The rules and regulations governing international trade have grown at an exponential rate in the years since the Uruguay Round agreements established the WTO in 1995. These agreements continue to act as the multilateral foundation of the body of law, which is being expanded by its own committees and in new arrangements. As the international trade law system grows, it comes under increasing scrutiny from scholars, government officials, and trade law practitioners, it raises questions about the overlap with other international legal, political, and economic regimes.

This Handbook considers the system of international trade law and what it means for States, for economic systems, for other international regimes, for civil society, and for human welfare. The book opens by focusing on the regulation of international trade, considering the history, economics, and sources of international trade law, as well as the possibilities for the future. It considers the intersection of international trade law with States, the economic and institutional context of the world trading system, the framework of its substantive law, and the balance of trade objectives versus ethical responsibilities. The book concludes by offering analysis of new trade law developments in the agricultural, digital, and financial sectors, as well as outlining the settlement of trade law disputes both in the WTO and bilateral/regional trade agreements.

The second edition broadens the scope of analysis beyond the WTO, analysing regional trade agreements and preferential trade arrangements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Canada-EU Trade Agreement. The new edition also considers developments within the WTO such as in the area of agricultural export subsidies, and the Trade Facilitation Agreement.


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1:Introduction, The Editors

Part I: The Regulation of International Trade
2:The Development of the Regulation of International Trade: the Past and the Future, Donald McRae
3:The Regulation of International Trade: An Economic Perspective, Kamal Saggi and Simon Schropp
4:The Sources of International Law, Matthew Kennedy
5:International Trade Law Institutions, James Flett and Mislav Mataija
6:The Influence of International Trade Law on International Law, James Crawford and Freya Baetens
7:The Regulation of International Trade and (Democratic) Legitimacy, Manfred Elsig

Part II: Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements
8:North American Trade: NAFTA and US-caused Global Trade Tensions, Robert Brookfield and Lori Di Pierdomenico
9:Pacific Trade, Yuka Fukunaga and Pasha L. Hsieh
10:Trans-Atlantic Trade; the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union and its Member States, Sylvie Tabet and Colin M. Brown
11:European Trade, Holger P. Hestermeyer
12:International Trade Policy in Latin America (Pacific Alliance - MERCOSUR), Jorge Luis Changanaquí Miranda and John Ramiro Cusipuma Frisancho
13:China, Trade, and Investment Liberalization, Henry Gao
14:Eurasian Economic Union, Trade, and Investment Liberalization, Marina Trunk-Fedorova
15:Africa, Trade, and Investment Liberalization, Kholofelo Kugler and Mulualem Getachew Adgeh

Part III: Substantive Law
16:An Introduction to Core Principles of International Trade Law, Katherine Connolly and Nicolas Lockhart
17:Trade in Goods, Ricardo Ramírez-Hernández
18:Trade in Services, Chantal Ononaiwu
19:Promotion and Protection of Intellectual Property, Irene Calboli
20:Trade in Agriculture, Fiona Smith
21:Trade Remedies in International Trade, Hugo Perezcano Díaz

Part IV: Balancing Trade and Non-Trade Objectives
22:Development, Aid, and Preferential Systems, Jan Yves Remy and Alicia Nicholls
23:Progressive Trade: Labour and Gender, Marcus Gustafsson and Amrita Bahri
24:Balancing Market and Non-Market Objectives: Access to Medicines, Jayashree Watal
25:Environment, Damilola S. Olawuyi
26:Food Safety: Balancing SPS Scientific Principles and Article XX(b) Sovereignty, Marsha A. Echols
27:National Security, Isabelle Van Damme
28:Privacy and Data Protection, Mira Burri

Part V: International Trade Law Development Beyond the WTO
29:Digital Trade, Shin-Yi Peng
30:State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs): a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement Experience in Developing New Disciplines in the New World Order, Juliana Nam
31:Fisheries, Margaret A. Young
32:Investment Law's Monstrous Reform, Rodney Neufeld
33:Financial Services Law, Rosa Lastra and Marco Bodellini

Part VI: The Settlement of Trade Disputes in the WTO and Bilateral/Regional Trade Agreements
34:Institutions, David Unterhalter and Erika Schneidereit
35:Interpretation, Peter Van den Bossche and Parika Ganeriwal
36:Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in the WTO and Free Trade Agreements, Lorand Bartels
37:Remedies and Compliance, Geraldo Vidigal
38:Procedural and Evidentiary Issues, Andreas Sennekamp and Federico Ortino
39:Stakeholders in International Trade Law Dispute Settlement, Katherine Connolly and Todd Friedbacher
40:Alternative Dispute Settlement in the GATT and WTO, Amy Porges

Part VII: Conclusion
41:Concluding Chapter, Daniel Bethlehem

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        The Oxford Handbook of International Trade Law