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Managing Change Step By Step

All you need to build a plan and make it happen

Paperback Engels 2007 9780273711773
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Your practical guide to managing change in any organisation, one step at a time.

You need to implement an important change. You need to know what to do, in what order, to make sure it all runs smoothly. You want to come out of it with the desired results and minimum stress. This book is for you.

Managing Change Step by Step breaks things down into easy stages to ensure nothing is left to chance.Refreshingly jargon-free, it’s a book for anyone who doesn’t need in-depth theory on change management but rather a foolproof guide that will ensure things go according to plan now and in the future.

“A really insightful book. Easy-to-read and full of practical advice. It will be great for new managers heading a change initiative for the first time, as well as the experienced leader who wants more structure and a fuller toolkit.”


Stephen Oliver, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Abritas Limited


“A very useful text which brings together a comprehensive range of change management approaches in a simple and accessible way.”


Janet Campbell, Director, Perago Consulting


Uitgever:Pearson Education


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1          Step 1: Learn the basics


2          Step 2: Understand your objective


Step 2.1                Listen for triggers

Step 2.2                Define your objective

Step 2.3                Test your objective

Step 2.4                Define your output measure and target

Step 2.5                Understand the gap

Step 2.6                Identify how to close the gap

Step 2.7                 Define your change constraints

Step 2.8                 Define additional measures

Step 2.9                Identify sources of data

Step 2.10              Determine what you will change


3          Step 3: Build the change team


Step 3.1                 Identify change sponsor

Step 3.2                 Create steering committee

Step 3.3                 Identify change manager

Step 3.4                 Build the core change team

Step 3.5                 Create a network of change agents and supporters

Step 3.6                 Initial assessment of support and resistance

Step 3.7                 Prepare the team for the journey


4          Step 4: Plan how to achieve change


Step 4.1                 Identify the main blocks of work

Step 4.2                 Identify quick wins

Step 4.3                 Develop the task breakdown and schedule

Step 4.4                 Identify additional resources required

Step 4.5                 Cost the plan, identify benefits

Step 4.6                 Build a business case

Step 4.7                 Gain approval to proceed

Step 4.8                 Implement quick wins


5          Step 5: Assess willingness and capability to change


Step 5.1                 Identify who is affected by change

Step 5.2                 Determine what the impact of change is

Step 5.3                Identify capability gaps

Step 5.4                 Predict response to change

Step 5.5                Determine planned action

Step 5.6                Assess impact on infrastructure

Step 5.7                Enhance change plan


6          Step 6: Implement change


Step 6.1                 Keep everyone doing what they are meant to do!

Step 6.2                 Implement your plan

Step 6.3                 Monitor and amend

Step 6.4                 Handle problems 

Step 6.5                 Test solutions

Step 6.6                 Go/no-go decisions and acceptance criteria

Step 6.7                 Announce and celebrate achievements - appropriately!


7          Step 7: Consolidate change


Step 7.1                 Ensure congruence in performance management

Step 7.2                 Help people adapt

Step 7.3                 Admit mistakes

Step 7.4                 End the change


Step 8                   Manage communications

Step 8.1                Appoint communication manager

Step 8.2                Understand your environment

Step 8.3                Develop key messages

Step 8.4                Identify target audiences

Step 8.5                Build communication activity list

Step 8.6                Determine timing and media

Step 8.7                Allocate communication responsibilities

Step 8.8                Activate communication plan


Step 9                  Prepare for future change

Step 9.1               Review and learn from this change

Step 9.2               Identify next change(s)

Step 9.3               Prepare for continuous change


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        Managing Change Step By Step