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Windows PowerShell 2 for Dummies

Paperback Engels 2010 9780470371985
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Get the power to use Windows PowerShell 2 on any Windows system - right here!

You've heard about Windows PowerShell 2, the Windows scripting environment that's changing how we think about Windows scripting. This fun and friendly guide gives you a solid understanding of what it is and how to use it, with plenty of real-world examples so you can put the information to good use right away. Your boss will think you're a genius!

- View from the top - get an overview of Windows PowerShell 2 and examine the syntax, structure, and core functionality
- Look deeper - manipulate strings, work with data structures like arrays and hashtables, and use Windows Management Instrumentation
- The need for speed - see how Windows PowerShell speeds things up by letting you run commands on a remote computer or run multiple commands at once
- In the real world - learn to apply scripts to specific needs
- It does more - use Windows PowerShell 2 to manage network configurations, gather hardware info, connect to printers, and more

Open the book and find:
- Tips for personalizing PowerShell
- All about cmdlets
- How to use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
- Things to watch for in value conversions
- How to internationalize a script
- Debugging tools and how to use them
- Network configuration tips
- Ten common mistakes to avoid

How to take advantage of this new feature in Windows 7. Visit the companion Web site to find code files for the code listings used in the book and a bonus chapter about exception handling.


Aantal pagina's:390
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Over Steve Seguis

Steve Seguis is a Microsoft Windows systems engineer with more than 12 years of experience managing small- to large-scale Windows environments. He was a Microsoft MVP for Windows Server - Admin Frameworks from 2004–2007, and is a contributing technical editor for Windows IT Pro.

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Part 1: Get ting a Bird's-Eye View of PowerShell 2.
1. The Windows PowerShell Rap Sheet.
2. Customizing and Shortcutting the Environment.
3. A Pinch of Shell, a Pound of Power.

Part 2: PowerShell's Basic Structure and Syntax.
4. Shelling Out Commands and Scripts.
5. When Dollars Turn into Variables.
6. A Bit of Logic to Save the Day.
7. Working on a Pipeline.

Part 3: Complex Data Description and Sharing.
8. Working with Windows Management Instrumentation.
9. Bringing Strings into the Limelight.
10. I'll Take Numbers for $100, Please.
11. Grouping Data Using Arrays and Hash Tables.
12. Readin' and Writin' Files.
13. Going On a Date with PowerShell.

Part 4: Controlling Where and How You Operate PowerShell.
14. Using Functions to Divide and Conquer.
15. PowerShell Ninjas: Running Jobs Remotely or in the Background.
16. Making Your Script Speak Different Languages.
17. Smashing Those Bugs.

Part 5: Real-World Windows Administration Using PowerShell.
18. Mission Control: All Systems Go.
19. Taming the Windows Registry.
20. Reaching Out to Active Directory.
21. PowerShell Lockdown.
22. Converting Your Old Scripts: Out with the Old, In with the New.

Part 6: Configuring and Reporting Via PowerShell.
23. Controlling Your Network Confi guration.
24. Managing Your Hardware.
25. Making Reporting Easy.

Part 7: The Par t of Tens.
26. The Ten Most Important Cmdlets.
27. Ten Common PowerShell Mistakes.

Bonus Chapter 1. Handling Exceptions.


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        Windows PowerShell 2 for Dummies