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Organizational Design

A Step-by-Step Approach

Paperback Engels 2020 9781108717564
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Now in its fourth edition, this is the definitive step-by-step 'how to' guide to designing an organization. Building on information processing theory, the book proposes a holistic, multi-contingency model of the organization. This textbook communicates the fundamentals of traditional and new organizational forms, including up-to-date analysis of self-organizing, boss-less, digital, and sustainable organizations. Providing a framework for the practical implementation of organizational design changes, the authors break the process down into seven basic steps: (1) Assessing Goals, (2) Assessing Strategy, (3) Analyzing Structure, (4) Assessing Process and People, (5) Analyzing Coordination, Control and Incentives, (6) Designing the Architecture, and (7) Implementing the Architecture. Each step connects with one of the nine interdependent components of the multi-contingency model, and the authors also provide a logical query process for approaching each of these components. This is an ideal guide for managers or executives interested in assessing their organization and taking steps to redesign it for success, as well as for MBA and executive MBA students looking for an introduction to organizational design.


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Step 1. Getting Started: 1. Assessing the scope and goals of the organization; Step 2. Assessing the Strategy: 2. Strategy; 3. Environment; Step 3. Analyzing the Structure: 4. Traditional configurations of the firm; 5. New organizational forms?; Step 4. Assessing Process and People: 6. Work, task design and agents; 7. Leadership and organizational climate; Step 5. Analyzing Coordination, Control, and Incentives: 8. Coordination and control; 9. Incentives; 10. Designing the structure and coordination; Step 6. Designing the Architecture: 11. Designing the architecture and the sequence of change; Step 7. Implementing the Architecture: 12. Implementing the change: who should do what when?

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        Organizational Design