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The CIO Playbook – Strategies and Best Practices for IT Leaders to Deliver Value + WS

Strategies and Best Practices for IT Leaders to Deliver Value

Gebonden Engels 2012 9781118347591
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As our economy shifts from recession to recovery, our current economic climate is ripe for transformation. CIOs are in a unique position to leverage technology in order to drive innovation and boost business growth.

The CIO Playbook is the handy desk reference for CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, and up and coming leaders, revealing a dynamic seven–step framework (Partner Organize Innovate Deliver Support Protect Grow) that will guide you in making essential changes to your organization.

The proven strategies, tools, and techniques in The CIO Playbook make it the ultimate "how–to" resource for creating a high–performance IT organization that delivers value–added products and services to employees, customers, and shareholders. Author Nicholas Colisto provides solutions to the issues that concern business leaders and IT practitioners, including:

How to truly partner with business peers
Delivering high–quality products and services that are embraced by your user community
How to ensure your team is focused on the right innovations
Measuring performance and running your department like a business
Ways to attract, motivate, and retain a talented team working toward a common vision
Managing risks to operate effectively and protect corporate reputation

Featuring online templates for each of the seven steps described in the book, The CIO Playbook can help you transform your IT department from a mere order taker to a high–performance organization that delivers extraordinary business outcomes, despite this era of turbulent economic challenges.


Aantal pagina's:240
Uitgever:John Wiley & Sons
Serie:Wiley CIO


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<p>Preface xi</p>
<p>Acknowledgments xv</p>
<p>Chapter 1: Step 1: Partner 1</p>
<p>Partnership versus Alignment 2</p>
<p>Build Business Partnerships 2</p>
<p>Develop an IT Strategic Plan 9</p>
<p>Different Approaches to Strategic Planning 20</p>
<p>Cloud Computing Is Changing the Role of IT 24</p>
<p>Chapter 2: Step 2: Organize 31</p>
<p>Brand Your Department 32</p>
<p>Define an IT Organizational Model 33</p>
<p>Define a Project Methodology 35</p>
<p>Manage the Software Selection Process 37</p>
<p>Maintain a Portfolio of Products and Services 41</p>
<p>PPM Software 44</p>
<p>Understand Your Capacity 44</p>
<p>Create IT Policies 45</p>
<p>Manage the Technology Partners 46</p>
<p>Benchmark IT 50</p>
<p>Chapter 3: Step 3: Innovate 55</p>
<p>Turn Ideas into Action 56</p>
<p>Create a Governance Framework 56</p>
<p>Demonstrate the Possibilities 63</p>
<p>Think Big 65</p>
<p>Develop Business Cases 68</p>
<p>Package Innovation 70</p>
<p>Go Green 74</p>
<p>Chapter 4: Step 4: Deliver 77</p>
<p>Why System Implementations Fail 78</p>
<p>Develop a High–Performance Team 79</p>
<p>Develop a Team–Building Program 80</p>
<p>Discover Organizational Readiness 86</p>
<p>Develop and Implement 94</p>
<p>Get Insanely Motivated 96</p>
<p>Just Say No 97</p>
<p>Manage Transitions 98</p>
<p>Measure Benefits 99</p>
<p>Communicate IT Value 103</p>
<p>Create a Communication Program 104</p>
<p>Go Global with Infrastructure 120</p>
<p>Choose the Right Number of Instances 121</p>
<p>Chapter 5: Step 5: Support 125</p>
<p>Create Service Level Agreements 126</p>
<p>Determine an Approach to IT Charge–Backs 135</p>
<p>Manage Operational Performance 136</p>
<p>Develop a Super User Program 137</p>
<p>Encourage Feedback 142</p>
<p>Standardize Communications 147</p>
<p>Build a Shared Service Center 149</p>
<p>Chapter 6: Step 6: Protect 153</p>
<p>Define Risk Management Goals 154</p>
<p>Be Transparent with Risk Management 155</p>
<p>Safeguard Cloud Computing 156</p>
<p>Safeguard Mobility 159</p>
<p>Safeguard Social Media 162</p>
<p>Chapter 7: Step 7: Grow 165</p>
<p>Standardize Job Descriptions 166</p>
<p>Develop a Role–Based Training Program 169</p>
<p>Rotate Your Staff 174</p>
<p>Retain Critical Skills 180</p>
<p>Cultivate High Potential 184</p>
<p>Recruit the Best 189</p>
<p>Foster Teamwork through Community Service 193</p>
<p>Recognize and Reward Employees 194</p>
<p>Build Your Personal Brand 196</p>
<p>Prepare Yourself for the New Workforce 196</p>
<p>Conclusion: 199</p>
<p>Touchdown Passes 199</p>
<p>Use Governance to Avoid Chaos 200</p>
<p>Show People How They Fit In 200</p>
<p>Just Say No 200</p>
<p>Don t Be Afraid to Take Risks 201</p>
<p>Manage Operational Performance 201</p>
<p>Use Meetings to Drive Deliverables 201</p>
<p>Build Awesome Teams 202</p>
<p>Bibliography 205</p>
<p>About the Author 211</p>
<p>About the Website 213</p>
<p>Index 215</p>

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        The CIO Playbook – Strategies and Best Practices for IT Leaders to Deliver Value + WS