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The Agile Marketer

Turning Customer Experience into Your Competitive Advantage

Gebonden Engels 2016 9781119223009
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Marketing in the digital era has evolved into a whole new game and the name of the game is the customer experience. Marketers today must integrate a complex set of technologies to capture the customers' digital body language and thereby deliver the right experiences, at the right times, via the right channels.

Through Agile the same approach that revolutionized software development marketers can align with product developers and product managers to create a more powerful connection with customers.

Agile development involves continuous assessment and iteration at every phase of a project and throughout the lifecycle of a product. In an era of rapid change and rapid product obsolescence, Agile has an equally important place in marketing. It has the potential to unleash a whole array of new marketing opportunities from growth to "baking" marketing directly into products and services.

Written by a product-oriented marketer at the cutting-edge of innovation, The Agile Marketer connects the dots between the often bewildering array of new technologies and how marketers can use them (and the data they generate) to partner with chief product officers to innovate, drive business, and secure competitive advantage.

Richly detailed stories illustrate how real companies across a broad range of industries are working to modernize their marketing and taking customer insights to the next level to disrupt established business models. These examples bring the possibilities to life, inspiring readers to envision how they can integrate adaptive approaches into their marketing effort.

Readers will learn:
- A practical and concise guide to key Agile methodologies, how they apply to marketing, and how to choose which ones might best suit their needs
- How to respond to naysayers' concerns (Is Agile scalable? Won't it be disruptive? How can we plan or budget with it?)
- How Agile complements established marketing practices such as strategy and market research
- The ways in which Agile can support marketing's collaboration with the innovation and product management teams
- Exercises to help their team get Agile-savvy for design, content creation, and system development

Far more than a guide on adaptive approaches to marketing, The Agile Marketer discusses how organizations can link marketing, innovation and product management to deepen the customer relationship and enrich the customer experience.

Step up to your rightful role as steward of the customer experience. Modernize your approach. The Agile Marketer will show you how to dial into customer expectations and desires, fuel product innovation, and secure sustainable competitive advantage.


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Part 1: How Development Methods Influence Marketing
-Why Marketing Needs To Adapt
-What Does Modern Marketing Feel Like Today?
-Driving Into the Future
-The Relationship Between Product Development and Marketing
-The Modern Marketer s Challenge
-The Marketing Buyer s Perspective
-Entering the Era of Modern Marketing
-Catching Up From Behind
-Scaling Sales: Marketing and the Role of Automation
-Marketing Automation Is a Foundational Technology
-Getting to Alignment
-Enter Agile
-Automation is About Amplification
-The Rise of Agile
-Why the Shift to Agile?
-Agile as Competitive Advantage

Part 2: Adaptive Methods for Modernizing Marketing
-A Snapshot of Leading Methods
-The Skinny on Scrum
-Scrum: a Service Development Method
-How Scrum Works in a Marketing Context
-Scrum is a Team Sport
-Kanban: Lean Meets Agile
-Distinct Origins, Shared Philosophy
-Scrum vs. Kanban: Similarities and Differences
-Implementing Agile: Key Considerations
-Forging C-Suite Partnerships
-The Role of the Agile Coach
-Own Your Method
-Set Expectations Up Front
-Implementing Agile: Common Objections
-Argument #1: It doesn t scale
-Argument #3: We can t plan ahead
-Argument #4: How can we possibly budget for this?
-Your North Star: The Agile Marketing Manifesto
-Your Team s North Star
-A Complementary Design Metaphor
-Repurposing Content Cupcakes
-Going Cupcake Crazy

Part 3: Linking Innovation and Customer Experience
-Integrating Marketing And Innovation With Agile
-Aligning Teams
-Aligning UX
-Aligning the Teams on Research and Feedback
-Aligning on Strategy
-Beyond Agile: More Methods to Link Marketing and Product Management with Innovation
-Common Innovation Methods
-Skunk Works
-Top-Down Strategy
-Dependency Exercise
-Prioritization Exercise
-Putting it All Together
-Beyond Agile: Marketing’s Role in the Customer Experience
-The Context of Customer Experience
-Simplicity and Consistency First
-Experience Strategy
-From Theory to Practice
-From Deeper Customer Relationship to Richer Customer Experience
-Growth Hacking
-Growth Teams and Modernization
-Baked-In Marketing
-Extending the Freemium Concept
-Frictionless Advocacy
-Converged Media
-Native Advertising: Paid Media That Feels Like Earned Media
-Lessons from the Collaborative Economy
-Collaborative companies reset expectations for traditional business
-How disruptive will the collaborative economy be?
-Agile and the Collaborative Economy: Three Business Models
-Servicization s Impact on Incentives
-The Steward of Customer Experience
-The Customer Lifecycle
-The community influences the entire customer lifecycle
-Engaging practitioners before the buy
-Data and customer experience go hand in hand
-Embarking on the marketing modernization journey

Appendix 1: Content Marketing: An Agile Approach
-Exercise 1: List business goals
-Exercise 2: Define content themes
-Exercise 3: Define personas
-Exercise 4: Inventory channels
-Exercise 5: Define content types
-Exercise 6: Link content attributes
-Exercise 7: Fill content gaps
-Exercise 8: Channel and content consolidation
-An Agile Content Strategy Practice

Appendix 2: The Product Manager s Perspective on Agile Marketing



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