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Results at the Top

Using Gender Intelligence to Create Breakthrough Growth

Gebonden Engels 2017 9781119384083
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What if your company could gain a greater profit share of the market simply by promoting more women into its senior management team? Sounds like a no–brainer, and despite nearly every study done in the past three decades proving companies with women leaders deliver superior performance, the number of women in the C–suites of companies all over the world is noticeably low. Results at the Top is written for the men who know the value female leaders bring to the table and need a tangible way to get them there.

Whether you′re building your leadership team from scratch or trying to transform long–established norms for a competitive advantage today, the practical guidance inside wastes no space with blame for the current state of women leaders and goes straight to the immediate steps organizations can take to change it. It gives you everything you need to both create the internal systems for promoting gender diversity on every step of the career ladder and motivating employees to celebrate its shared, bottom–line benefits.

Up–to–date viewpoints don′t confuse equal with same and go in–depth into the scientific differences between men and women that can complement each other to produce higher performing teams. Along with neurological variances, there are societal behaviors men and women need to recognize and substitute with more productive and advantageous ones. Through eye–opening research and illustrative examples from the real world, both sexes gain a deeper understanding of how we got here and the pioneering systems companies in the highest echelons of their industries are using to evolve leadership development all the way to the top. This everyday guidebook will immediately change the way you approach work with:

A powerful new evaluation method for assessing the source of gender diversity in a company′s leadership
Concrete strategies men can use to champion greater gender diversity along with ways men and women can improve collaboration in order to run better organizations
Focused coverage on addressing gender diversity with Millennials and don′t be surprised when you find they′re not so different

The most satisfying part of Results at the Top is watching your company′s performance soar as gender bias disappears.


Aantal pagina's:192
Uitgever:John Wiley & Sons


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Acknowledgments xi

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 Your Wake–Up Call 1

Diversity at the Top: Correlates with Better Performance, 1

How We Came Together, 3

Barbara s Wake–Up Call, 4

When I Became a Real Manager of People, 6

The Diversity Money Pit, 7

What Makes the Difference, 9

Brushing Your Horse, 10

Lack of Gender Success Is Costly, 11

This Is Your Toolkit, 11

Endnotes, 12

Chapter 2 The Business Case for the Advancement of Women 15

Let s Do It! , 16

Defining Superior Performance, 17

Adding Women to Boards, 18

The Reason for the Improvement in Financial Performance, 20

The Future of Leadership, 20

Values Don t Matter If We re Not Making the Numbers , 21

Endnotes, 31

Chapter 3 Ascent of Neuroscience 35

Equal Does Not Mean the Same!, 36

The Ascent of Neuroscience, 36

The Domino Effect, 36

Bell Curve of Gender Tendencies, 37

The Ability to Peer More Deeply, 38

Sex Differences in Brain Structure and Function, 40

Sex Differences in Hormonal Composition, 44

The Breakthrough That Knowledge Brings, 45

Endnotes, 46

Chapter 4 Ascent of Women 49

The First Long Step, 50

Women Joining Business Clubs, 51

Cultures Clinging to Tradition, 52

The Ascent of Women, 52

An Economic Necessity Versus a Choice, 58

Areas Where Glass Ceilings Still Exist, 59

Endnotes, 66

Chapter 5 Ascent of Men 71

Men Accelerating Change, 71

The Evolution of an Attitude, 75

Evolution in Our Thinking, 80

Are We Stalled or Advancing?, 81

The Aha Moment, 83

Breaking the Mold, 84

Endnotes, 87

Chapter 6 Millennials: Facts and Fictions 89

It s Not a Generational Issue, 89

How Much the Same We Really Are, 96

Why Women Are Needed in the Tech Industry, 97

It s Not a Generational Issue, 99

Endnotes, 100

Chapter 7 What Works and What Doesn t 101

We re over the Tipping Point, 103

How to Create Sustainable Change, 104

What Works and Why, 105

What Doesn t Work and Why, 108

Other Best Practices, 112

Critical Mass and Critical Mindset, 114

Endnotes, 114

Chapter 8 The Role of the Board 117

Lack of Mentoring, 118

Stereotypes in Business, 118

Richard s Story: Boards in the 2008 Financial Crisis

and Their Gender Composition, 119

The Quota Experience in Norway, 121

Picking the Best Candidate Remains Vital to Success, 122

It May All Start with the Board of Directors, 123

Humans Follow Role Models, 126

Role Models Are Leaders, 126

Women s Participation in Management and on Boards, 129

Men s Beliefs and Behaviors Are Changing Slowly, 130

Endnotes, 131

Chapter 9 Measuring Commitment 133

A General Model for Gender Diversity in Management

Information Systems (MIS), 134

Defining a Model for Gender Diversity, 135

Gender Diversity Model for Management Information

System (MIS), 138

Constructing a New Gender Propensity Index©, 142

What Happens Next?, 143

Endnotes, 144

Chapter 10 How to Rid the Plumbing of Bias 145

Gender Parity in New Graduates, 146

Sourcing, Job Descriptions, and Interviewing, 146

Nine Levers for Creating Gender–Intelligent

Organizations, 150

Areas Where Systemic Biases May Form, 152

Just Go in There, 153

Having a Hard Time Getting Women to Join, 154

You re Creating a Lose–Lose Scenario, 154

Fixing the Plumbing, 155

Endnotes, 156

Chapter 11 What the Future Holds 157

How Engaging Are Your Engagement Surveys?, 157

Brushing the Engagement Survey Horse, 159

  Are We Being Gender Intelligent about This? , 159

Challenging Tradition, 160

Feminine Values in Financial Services, 161

Why Does Gender Success Elude So Many Businesses?, 162

What If We Do Not Act?, 163

Steps to Gender Success, 165

The Long Ascent, 167

Endnotes, 168

Index 171

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