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Managing your Team through Change

Paperback Engels 2014 9781292063607
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How do you make change work?


From understanding and planning, to implementing and assessing the impact, this book covers all aspects of managing change using simple, practical steps and strategies, each one of which has been developed, tested and proven to work.


Brilliant Managing your Team through Change will expertly guide you  through the entire change process so you can deliver the required outcomes whilst keeping your team and other stakeholders on board throughout.


·   Understand the nature and complexities of the change process

·   Define and develop a customised change plan and schedule

·   Effectively motivate and manage your team 

 Everything you need to think about, know and do to manage change effectively


Uitgever:Pearson Education


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<ul> <li>1. &nbsp;&nbsp; Understand the journey and your role in it </li> <li>2. &nbsp;&nbsp; Start from the right place </li> <li>3. &nbsp;&nbsp; Finding clarity<a>,</a> making clarity </li> <li>4. &nbsp;&nbsp; Identifying changes </li> <li>5. &nbsp;&nbsp; Plan the change </li> <li>6. &nbsp;&nbsp; Change and do the day job </li> <li>7. &nbsp;&nbsp; Adapting to and adopting change </li> <li>8. &nbsp;&nbsp; Talking about change </li> <li>9.&nbsp; Arrive, sustain and move on </li> <li>Appendix 1: Summary questions </li> <li>Appendix 2: The executive’s role </li> <li>Appendix 3: &nbsp; Increasing your knowledge and getting help </li> <li>Appendix 4: &nbsp;Join the community </li> </ul>

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        Managing your Team through Change