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Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics

Paperback Engels 2015 9781292078748
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'Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics' remains unique amongst strategic management textbooks by taking a refreshingly alternative look at the subject. Drawing on the sciences of complexity as well as a broad range of social scientific literature, Stacey and Mowles challenge the conceptual orthodoxy of planned strategy, focusing instead on emergence and the predictable unpredictability of organisational life.

Ideal for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate study, this critically detailed account deals with current issues, raising the challenge of complexity within practice and theory.

New to this edition:
- The literature from past editions is refreshed and updated.
- More examples are given from contemporary organisational life and social life more generally.
- The canon of thinkers who inform complex responsive processes of relating is broadened and deepened.
- There is engagement with new developments in organisational theory such as process organisation studies and practice schools.
- There are updated sections on rhetoric, paradox and recognition.
- A focus on what strategic management might mean from the perspective of complex responsive processes.


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Brief contents
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1. Strategic management in perspective: a step in the professionalisation of management
2. Thinking about strategy and organisational change: the implicit assumptions distinguishing one theory from another

Part 1: Systemic ways of thinking about strategy and organisational dynamics
3. The origins of systems thinking in the Age of Reason
4. Thinking in terms of strategic choice: cybernetic systems, cognitivist and humanistic psychology
5. Thinking in terms of organisational learning and knowledge creation: systems dynamics, cognitivist, humanistic and constructivist psychology
6. Thinking in terms of organisational psychodynamics: open systems and psychoanalytic perspectives
7. Thinking about strategy process from a systemic perspective: using a process to control a process
8. A review of systemic ways of thinking about strategy and organisational dynamics: key challenges for alternative ways of thinking
9. Extending and challenging the dominant discourse on organisations: thinking about participation and practice 2

Part 2: The challenge of complexity to ways of thinking

Part 3: Complex responsive processes as a way of thinking about
10. The complexity sciences: the sciences of uncertainty
11. Systemic applications of complexity sciences to organisations: restating the dominant discourse
12. Responsive processes thinking: the interplay of intentions
13. The emergence of organisational strategy in local communicative interaction: complex responsive processes of conversation
14. The link between the local communicative interaction of strategising and the population-wide patterns of strategy
15. The emergence of organisational strategy in local communicative interaction: complex responsive processes of ideology and power relating
16. Different modes of articulating patterns of interaction emerging across organisations: strategy narratives and strategy models
17. Complex responsive processes of strategising: acting locally on the basis of global goals, visions, expectations and intentions for the ‘whole’ organisation over the ‘long-term future’
18. Complex responsive processes: implications for thinking about organisational dynamics and strategy


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        Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics