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HTML5 Pcket Reference

Quick, comprenhensive, indispensable

Paperback Engels 2013 9781449363352
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Need help finding the right HTML5 element or attribute for your web page or application? 'HTML5 Pocket Reference' is the classic reference that web designers and developers have been keeping close at hand for more than thirteen years.

This fifth edition has been updated to reflect the current state of HTML5, including the HTML5 Candidate Recommendation, the emerging HTML5.1 Working Draft, and the living WHATWG standard.

Features include:
- An alphabetical listing of every element and attribute in HTML5, HTML5.1, and the WHATWG living standard
- Descriptions, markup examples, content categories, content models, and start- and end-tag requirements for every element
- At-a-glance notes indicating the differences between the HTML5 specifications and HTML 4.01
- Useful charts of special characters
- An overview of HTML5 APIs

If you're an experienced web designer or developer who needs a quick resource for working with established web standards, this handy book is indispensable.


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Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Over Jennifer Niederst Robbins

Jennifer Niederst Robbins was one of the first designers for the Web. As the designer of O'Reilly's Global Network Navigator (GNN), the first commercial web site, she has been designing for the Web since 1993. Since then, she has worked as the creative director of Songline Studios (a former subsidiary of O'Reilly) and as a freelance designer and consultant since 1996. She is the author of the bestselling Web Design in a Nutshell and Learning Web Design (O'Reilly), and she has taught web design at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and Johnson and Wales University in Providence. She has spoken at major design and Internet events including SXSW Interactive, Seybold Seminars, the GRAFILL conference (Geilo, Norway), and one of the first W3C International Expos. In addition to designing, Jennifer enjoys cooking, travel, indie-rock, and making stuff. She maintains her own professional web site at www.littlechair.com as well.

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1. HTML5 Pocket Reference
-HTML5 Overview
-HTML5 Global Attributes
-Alphabetical List of Elements
-Elements Organized by Function

A: Character Entities
B: XHTML Syntax Overview


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        HTML5 Pcket Reference