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Ethernet Switches

Paperback Engels 2013 9781449367305
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If you’re ready to build a large network system, this handy excerpt from Ethernet: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition gets you up to speed on a basic building block: Ethernet switches. Whether you’re working on an enterprise or campus network, data center, or Internet service provider network, you’ll learn how Ethernet switches function and how they’re used in network designs.
This brief tutorial also provides an overview of the most important features found in switches, from the basics to more advanced features found in higher-cost and specialized switches.

-Get an overview of basic switch operation, the spanning tree protocol, and switch performance issues
-Learn about switch management and some of the most widely used switch features
-Discover how a hierarchical design can help maintain stable network operations
-Delve into special-purpose switches, such as multi-layer, access, stacking, and wireless access-point switches
-Learn about advanced switch features designed for specific networking environments
-Dive deeper into switches, with a list of protocol and package documentation


Aantal pagina's:80
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Over Joann Zimmerman

Joann Zimmerman is a former software engineer with a doctorate in art history from the University of Texas at Austin. She has written and documented compilers, software tools and network monitoring software, and been a creator of the build and configuration management process for several companies. The author of papers in software engineering and Renaissance art history, she currently she has multiple fantasy novels in process.

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Preface; Conventions Used in This Book; Using Code Examples; Safari® Books Online; How to Contact Us; Acknowledgements;Chapter 1: Basic Switch Operation; 1.1 What an Ethernet Switch Does; 1.2 Operation of Ethernet Switches; 1.3 Combining Switches; 1.4 Spanning Tree Protocol; 1.5 Switch Performance Issues;Chapter 2: Basic Switch Features; 2.1 Switch Management; 2.2 Virtual LANs; 2.3 Quality of Service (QoS);Chapter 3: Network Design with Ethernet Switches; 3.1 Advantages of Switches in Network Designs; 3.2 Hierarchical Network Design; 3.3 Network Resiliency with Switches; 3.4 Routers;Chapter 4: Special-Purpose Switches; 4.1 Multilayer Switches; 4.2 Access Switches; 4.3 Stacking Switches; 4.4 Industrial Ethernet; 4.5 Wireless Access Point Switches; 4.6 Internet Service Provider Switches; 4.7 Data Center Switches;Chapter 5: Advanced Switch Features; 5.1 Traffic Flow Monitoring; 5.2 Power over Ethernet;Resources; Resources for Chapter 1; Resources for Chapter 2; Resources for Chapter 3; Resources for Chapter 4; Resources for Chapter 5;Glossary;Colophon;

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        Ethernet Switches