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Java EE 7 Essentials

Enterprise Developer Handbook

Paperback Engels 2013 9781449370176
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Get up to speed on the principal technologies in the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7, and learn how the latest version embraces HTML5, focuses on higher productivity, and provides functionality to meet enterprise demands. Written by Arun Gupta, a key member of the Java EE team, this book provides a chapter-by-chapter survey of several Java EE 7 specifications, including WebSockets, Batch Processing, RESTful Web Services, and Java Message Service.

You'll also get self-paced instructions for building an end-to-end application with many of the technologies described in the book, which will help you understand the design patterns vital to Java EE development.

- Understand the key components of the Java EE platform, with easy-to-understand explanations and extensive code samples
- Examine all the new components that have been added to Java EE 7 platform, such as WebSockets, JSON, Batch, and Concurrency
- Learn about RESTful Web Services, SOAP XML-based messaging protocol, and Java Message Service
- Explore Enterprise JavaBeans, Contexts and Dependency Injection, and the Java Persistence API
- Discover how different components were updated from Java EE 6 to Java EE 7


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Over Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta is a Java evangelist working at Oracle. Arun has over 15 years of experience in the software industry working in the Java(TM) platform and several web-related technologies. In his current role, he works to create and foster the community around Java EE and GlassFish. He has been with the Java EE team since its inception and contributed to all releases. Arun has extensive world wide speaking experience on myriad of topics and loves to engage with the community, customers, partners, and Java User Groups everywhere to spread the goodness of Java. He is a prolific blogger at http://blogs.oracle.com/arungupta with over 1300 blog entries and frequent visitors from all around the world with a cumulative page visits > 1.2 million. He is a passionate runner and always up for running in any part of the world. You can catch him at @arungupta.

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1. Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
-What's New in Java EE 7

2. Servlets
-Servlet Filters
-Event Listeners
-Asynchronous Support
-Nonblocking I/O
-Web Fragments
-Resource Packaging
-Error Mapping
-Handling Multipart Requests
-Upgrade Processing

3. JavaServer Faces
-Resource Handling
-Composite Components
-Request Processing Life-Cycle Phases
-Server and Client Extension Points
-Validating Data
-Navigation Rules
-Faces Flow
-Resource Library Contracts
-Passthrough Attributes and HTML5-Friendly Markup
-Component Tags

4. RESTful Web Services
-Binding HTTP Methods
-Multiple Resource Representations
-Binding a Request to a Resource
-Entity Providers
-Client API
-Mapping Exceptions
-Filters and Entity Interceptors
-Validation of Resources

5. SOAP-Based Web Services
-Web Service Endpoints
-Provider-Based Dynamic Endpoints
-Endpoint-Based Endpoints
-Web Service Client
-Dispatch-Based Dynamic Client

6. JSON Processing
-Streaming API
-Object Model API

7. WebSocket
-Annotated Server Endpoint
-Programmatic Server Endpoint
-Annotated Client Endpoint
-Programmatic Client Endpoint
-JavaScript WebSocket Client
-Encoders and Decoders
-Integration with Java EE Security

8. Enterprise JavaBeans
-Stateful Session Beans
-Stateless Session Beans
-Singleton Session Beans
-Life-Cycle Event Callbacks
-Message-Driven Beans
-Portable Global JNDI Names
-Asynchronous Invocation
-Embeddable API
-EJB Lite

9. Contexts and Dependency Injection
-Discovery of Beans
-Injection Points
-Qualifier and Alternative
-Producer and Disposer
-Scopes and Contexts
-Portable Extensions
-Built-in Beans
-Life-Cycle Callbacks

10. Concurrency Utilities
-Asynchronous Tasks
-Schedule Tasks
-Managed Threads
-Dynamic Contextual Objects

11 Bean Validation
-Built-in Constraints
-Defining a Custom Constraint
-Validation Groups
-Method and Constructor Constraint

12. Java Transaction
-User-Managed Transactions
-Container-Managed Transactions

13. Java Persistence
-Persistence Unit, Persistence Context, and Entity Manager
-Schema Generation
-Create, Read, Update, and Delete Entities
-Entity Listeners
-Stored Procedures
-Validating the Entities
-Transactions and Locking

14. Java Message Service
-Sending a Message
-Receiving a Message Synchronously
-Receiving a Message Asynchronously
-Quality of Service
-Temporary Destinations

15. Batch Processing
-Chunk-Oriented Processing
-Batchlet Processing
-Job Sequence
-Partitioning the Job

16. Build an End-to-End Application
-Problem Statement
-Walkthrough of a Sample Application
-Show Booking (JavaServer Faces)
-Chat Room (Java API for WebSocket)
-View and Delete Movies (Java API for RESTful Web Services)
-Add Movie (Java API for JSON Processing)
-Ticket Sales (Batch Applications for the Java Platform)
-Movie Points (Java Message Service 2)
-Completed Solution

Appendix: Further Reading


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