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Introducing Delphi ORM

Object Relational Mapping Using TMS Aurelius

Paperback Engels 2019 9781484250129
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Discover the fundamental concepts of object-relational mapping (ORM) design, Aurelius’ basic features, and the practical applications of those features. In a series of tasks, you will be exposed to techniques and best practices that make the use of Aurelius easy and efficient. Furthermore, you’ll refine your analytical skills to sharpen your understanding of Delphi (Pascal), helping you write better code along the way.
Introducing Delphi ORM explains that while database design is difficult, database programming (i.e., manipulating, extracting, filtering, and manipulating data) is even more difficult. ORM frameworks provide a simpler way for you to access and manage data in databases. You’ll see how they offer different levels of abstraction and tools to code data access in a database-agnostic way by introducing a layer between the application and the data access language (SQL, LINQ, and so on).
By the end of the book, you will be confident in using a wide range of Aurelius features to allow you to get started with databases in a very short space of time.

What You Will Learn

-Gain the fundamentals of ORM frameworks and Aurelius for Delphi
-Achieve basic tasks, such as connecting to the database and adding, deleting, and updating records, using Aurelius
-Employ advanced database queries
-Use the TAureliusDataSet component
-Integrate with mobile platforms such as Android and iOS
-Work with the data modeler application

Who This Book Is For
Software developers starting with Aurelius or those who have some exposure to the framework.


Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Chapter 1: Introduction to ORM frameworksThis chapter describes the concept of ORM and the different approaches authors of frameworks take (eg. designs, workflows, etc.)Chapter 2: Aurelius Meets ORMIn this chapter, a high-level introduction of Aurelius is presented and the reader evaluates how Aurelius meets the requirements of an ORM frameworkChapter 3: Doing Basic TasksThe application to be developed is introduced in this chapter and it explains/demonstrates how basic tasks in a database can be achieved in Aurelius (connectivity, add, delete, update records)Chapter 4: Questioning the DatabaseBasic queries to more advanced enquiries to the database are demonstrated and explained in this chapterChapter 5: TAureliusDataSetThis chapter introduces the TAureliusDataSet component and follows examples in the developed app
Chapter 6: Aurelius on Mobile PlatformsThis chapter shows how Aurelius can be used in applications for Android and iOSChapter 7: The Data Modeler ApplicationThe Data Modeler (DM) application is introduced. This is a brief discussion and the aim is to show how DM can speed up the set up of Aurelius entitiesChapter 8: Concurrency IssuesThis chapter discusses how common concurrency problems can be managed using Aurelius built-in features

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        Introducing Delphi ORM