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Pro Angular

Build Powerful and Dynamic Web Apps

Paperback Engels 2022 9781484281758
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Welcome to this one-stop shop for learning Angular. Pro Angular is the most concise and comprehensive guide available, giving you the knowledge you need to take full advantage of this popular framework for building your own dynamic JavaScript applications.

Angular is an open-source JavaScript library maintained by Google. It has many excellent options when it comes to server-side development and is used in some of the largest and most complex web applications in the world to enhance HTML in the browser. Its cornerstone is the ability to create applications that are extendable, maintainable, testable, and standardized. Knowing Angular’s foundations and understanding its applications is an asset in any developer toolbox.

The fifth edition of this popular guide explains how to get the most from Angular, presenting the range of benefits it can offer. You will begin learning how to use Angular in your projects, starting with the nuts-and-bolts concepts, and progressing to more advanced and sophisticated features. Each topic in this full-color book provides you with precisely enough learning and detail to be effective. In true Adam Freeman style, the most important features are given full-court press treatment, while also addressing common problems and how to avoid them.

What You Will Learn

Access accompanying online files for Angular 13 and 14 (when it is released)Create rich and dynamic web app clients using AngularTap into some of the best aspects of server-side developmentKnow when to use Angular and when to seek an alternativeUse the ng tools to create and build an Angular projectExtend and customize AngularTake advantage of popular component librariesUtilize source code located at github.com/Apress/pro-angular-5ed

Who This Book Is For

This book is for web developers who want to create rich client-side applications. Foundational knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is recommended.

"Adam's books provide a finely tuned blend of architectural overview, technical depth, and experience-born wisdom.  His clear, concise writing style, coupled with project-driven, real-world examples make me comfortable recommending his books to a broad audience, ranging from developers working with a technology for the first time to seasoned professionals who need to learn a new skill quickly." 

Keith Dublin, Staff Architect, Upfront Health Care

“Adam’s books are the print version of a chat bot. His investment in learning how developers learn pays off in dividends, making this one of the most comprehensive resources available. Novices and experienced professionals alike will gain knowledge from the accessible and insightful material.”

Mark Donile, Software Engineer, MS CS




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<p>Part I – Getting Ready</p>

<p>Chapter 1. Getting Ready</p>

<p>Chapter 2. Jumping Right In</p>

<p>Chapter 3. Primer, Part I</p>

<p>Chapter 4. Primer, Part II</p>

<p>Chapter 5. SportsStore: A Real Application</p>

<p>Chapter 6. SportsStore: Orders and Checkout</p>

<p>Chapter 7. SportsStore:Administration</p>

<p>Chapter 8. SportsStore: Progressive Features and Deployment</p>

<p>Part II - Working with Angular</p>

<p>Chapter 9. Understanding Angular Projects and Tools</p>

<p>Chapter 10. Using Data Bindings Chapter 11. Using the Built-In Directives</p>

<p>Chapter 12. Using Events and Forms</p>

<p>Chapter 13. Creating Attribute Directives</p>

<p>Chapter 14. Creating Structural Directives</p>

<p>Chapter 15. Understanding Components</p>

<p>Chapter 16. Using and Creating Pipes</p>

<p>Chapter 17. Using Services</p>

<p>Chapter 18. Using Service Providers</p>

<p>Chapter 19. Using and Creating Modules</p>


<p>Part III - Advanced Angular Features</p>

<p>Chapter 20. Creating the Example Project<br> Chapter 21. Using the Forms API, Part I</p>

<p>Chapter 22. Using the Forms API, Part II</p>

<p>Chapter 23. Making HTTP Requests</p>

<p>Chapter 24. Routing and Navigation, Part I</p>

<p>Chapter 25. Routing and Navigation, Part II</p>

<p>Chapter 26. Routing and Navigation, Part III</p>

<p>Chapter 27. Using Animations</p>

<p>Chapter 28. Working with Component Libraries</p>

Chapter 29. Angular Unit Testing<br> <br>

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