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Reinventing Companies, Capitalism, and Who Owns What

Paperback Engels 2022 9781523000821
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Why are wages stagnant and wealth inequality increasing? One factor has inexplicably been left out: who owns the companies that drive the economy. Ownership gives people a claim to the fruits of free enterprise. Employee ownership gives workers—the people who have a stake in the company—a fair chance to benefit from their labors.

In three simple parts, Corey Rosen and John Case create a powerful argument for why employee ownership is the answer to capitalism’s crisis and how to implement it:

1. What's wrong with what we have—The authors explain why companies usually end up being sold off to investors and the often-horrific consequences that result for workers, communities, and the environment.
2. How can we change things?—This section shows how overlooking ownership limits attempts to reform capitalism and why employee ownership is a realistic and practical way to save capitalism from its own excesses.
3. Reinventing capitalism for the 21st century—This section describes how employee ownership has been done, is being done, and can be expanded and gives examples of companies of all sizes and sectors.


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Over Corey Rosen

Corey Rosen, PhD, is the founder and senior staff member of the National Center for Employee Ownership. He is a coauthor, along with John Case and Martin Staubus, of Equity: Why Employee Ownership Is Good for Business. He writes frequently on employee ownership and serves on several ESOP company boards.

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Over John Case

John Case is a veteran observer and analyst of the business world and a nationally known writer on business and economics. He is an author or coauthor of six books and a collaborator on many others, including the international bestseller Financial Intelligence.

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Introduction: Ownership Matters

Part 1: What’s wrong with what we have?
Part 2: How can we change things?
Part 3: Reinventing capitalism for the 21st century

Conclusion: How you make a difference
Afterword by Michael Quarrey, Web Industries
Discussion guide
About the authors

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