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Strategic Motivations of Inward R&D FDI

An Empirical Analysis of the UK

Gebonden Engels 2020 9783030410148
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This book explores the motivations of R&D foreign direct investment (FDI) in a developed country, placing a particular emphasis on the United Kingdom. Multinational enterprises operate in increasingly competitive and complex environments, and the role of R&D can be vital in the creation, adaptation or adoption of knowledge across different foreign locations. This book offers valuable insight into the similarity and distinction between strategic and specific motivations of R&D FDI at the country level, addressing a key gap in previous research on the topic. Based on an empirical study, the authors challenge current thinking in international business studies by shifting focus from R&D FDI globalisation to the concentration of R&D FDI in a single location, conceptualising the interplay of strategic and location-specific motivations. This book is a vital read for students, researchers and practitioners interested in understanding the motivations behind R&D FDI decisions in the UK and beyond.


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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<p>About This Book. 2</p>

About the Authors. 3<p></p>

<p>Table of Content. 4</p>

Contents. 4<p></p>

<p>Chapter 1: Background and Research Rationale. 7</p>

Abstract. 7<p></p>

<p>R&D Internationalisation and R&D FDI in the UK. 7</p>

Scholarly Debate on the Motivations of R&D FDI?. 10<p></p>

<p>Chapter Conclusion. 12</p>

Chapter 2: Strategic Choice of R&D FDI 13<p></p>

<p>Theories of MNEs of Assets Exploitation. 13</p>

Theories of MNEs’ Assets Augmentation. 18<p></p>

<p>Chapter Conclusion. 29</p>

Chapter 3: Empirical Literature on the Specific Motivations of FDI 30<p></p>

<p>Abstract. 30</p>

Locational Factors of FDI 30<p></p>

<p>Chapter Conclusion. 42</p>

Chapter 4: Conceptual Framework - A Model of R&D FDI Motivations in the UK. 43<p></p>

<p>Abstract. 43</p>

Conceptual Framework and Hypotheses Development. 43<p></p>

<p>Chapter Conclusion. 50</p>

Chapter 5:&nbsp; Dynamic Panel Data Analysis Techniques. 51<p></p>

<p>Abstract. 51</p>

The Research Design. 51<p></p>

<p>Sample and Data Collection. 52</p>

Data Analytical Techniques. 55<p></p>

<p>Dynamic Panel Data Analysis. 56</p>

Chapter Conclusion. 61<p></p>

<p>Chapter 6: Motivations of R&D FDI in the UK – Analysis, Discussion and Conclusion. 62</p>

The Study Model and Variables Specification. 62<p></p>

<p>The Dependent Variable. 64</p>

The Predictive Variables. 65<p></p>

<p>The Control Variables. 66</p>

Data Analysis. 67<p></p>

<p>Descriptive Statistics. 68</p>

Pre-Estimation Tests. 70<p></p>

<p>Empirical Results of System GMM Estimation. 72</p>

Discussion of Findings. 73<p></p>

<p>Chapter Conclusion. 77</p>

Chapter 7: Research Conclusions and Emerging Agenda. 79<p></p>

<p>Abstract. 79</p>

Introduction. 79<p></p>

<p>Research Conclusion on the Motivations of R&D FDI in the UK. 79</p>

Contributions to Knowledge and theory. 81<p></p>

<p>Contribution to Practice. 82</p>

Recommendations for Future Research. 82<p></p>

<p>Final Summary. 83</p>

References. 84<p></p>



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        Strategic Motivations of Inward R&D FDI