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Brilliant Business Models in Healthcare

Get Inspired to Cure Healthcare

Gebonden Engels 2016 9783319264394
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This exciting resource examines pioneering, successful business models in healthcare services, emphasizing bold and innovative entrepreneurship in creating care delivery that is accessible, affordable, and effective. Expert contributors supply fascinating case studies of visionary principles at work in hospitals, specialist care, eHealth providers, and insurers along with practical guidance on building and sustaining a vision, a brand, an organization, and a loyal base of clients, employees, and investors. Featured companies demonstrate how moving beyond conventional patient/provider, service/cost, and other relationships can translate into improvements that benefit clients’ health and stakeholders’ bottom line as well as the larger community and potentially the world. Coverage analyzes key attributes of these successful entities, detailing key challenges, funding issues, and especially breakthrough goals, including:  Strengthening mutual caring and sharing. Letting prevention and self-management work. Patient-centered organization of information and everyday care. Deploying services and instruments to help customers take control. Implementing differentiation in specialized healthcare.

The result is crucial takeaways for creating transformational business models in health fields. Approachably written and brimming with infographics, Brilliant Business Models in Healthcare provides inspiring role models for entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, and professionals in the healthcare sector, including providers, insurers, technology suppliers, and pharmacists.



Uitgever:Springer International Publishing
Hoofdrubriek:Economie, Economie


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Introduction: Why, what?

Guide for your reading enjoyment

Part 1: The framework for brilliant business models in healthcare


Chapter 1

What are the cornerstones of a brilliant business model?

1.1 Vision

1.2 Brand positioning


Chapter 2

What is a business model?

2.1 Market segments

2.2 Customer value

2.3 Delivery

2.4 Operation


Chapter 3

Value creation and overall framework

3.1 Value creation for all stakeholders

3.2 Conceptual framework and phasing

3.3 Permanent brilliance?


Chapter 4

Challenges for brilliant business models in healthcare

4.1 Good, affordable and widely accessible healthcare is unique

4.2 Cost increases put accessibility, quality and healthcare systems at risk

4.3 Desired breakthroughs in healthcare


Part 2: Brilliant cases involving brilliant business models in healthcare  

Chapter 5

Breakthrough: Strengthening mutual caring and sharing

5.1 General Healthcare fund  Amsterdam – Wim Niesing & Jeroen Kemperman

5.2 DHAN – Tom Buijtendorp & Jeroen Kemperman

5.3 Courtyard houses – Jeroen Kemperman, Ida Kemperman & Wilke Schouten

5.4 Stiftung Liebenau – Rick Kasper, Tim Widdershoven, Sanne Boevé & Jeroen Geelhoed


Chapter 6
Breakthrough: Letting prevention and self-management work

6.1 Discovery – Thomas Bachet, Raheel Raisi & Jeroen Kemperman

6.2 Healthways – Jeroen Kemperman, Sytze de With & Mirthe van de Belt

6.3 Kaiser Permanente – Koen Harms & Jennifer op ’t Hoog

6.4 PatientsLikeMe – Annemijn Kuenen, Heleen Borleffs, Tim Widdershoven & Jeroen Geelhoed


Chapter 7

Breakthrough: Patient-centered organization of information and everyday care

7.1 UCLA’s Value Quotient – Heleen Borleffs, Daniel Hommes & Jeroen Kemperman

7.2 ParkinsonNet – Rosanne Preyde, Kerwin Hartman & Jennifer op ’t Hoog

7.3 Laastari Lähiklinikka – Monique Heeren & Jennifer op ’t Hoog

7.4 Patrick Lund Dental Happiness – Tim Widdershoven, Rick Kasper & Jeroen Geelhoed


Chapter 8

Breakthrough: Deploying services and instruments to help customers take control

8.1 Ryhov – Bonny van Rest & Jennifer op ’t Hoog

8.2 BerylHealth – Jeroen Geelhoed & Tim Widdershoven

8.3 M-PESA – Wouter Houtman & Jennifer op ’t Hoog

 Chapter 9
Breakthrough: Implementing differentiation in specialized healthcare

Introduction: Case in Phase 4 “The brilliant business model of Shouldice”

9.1 Narayana Hrudayalaya – Raymond Fafié & Jeroen Kemperman

9.2 ThedaCare – Karen Willemsen, Maarten Akkerman & Jennifer op ’t Hoog

9.3 Princess Margaret Cancer Centre – Denise Altena, Esmée Grobbee & Jennifer op ’t Hoog

9.4 Mayo Clinic – Bas Schepman, Jennifer op ’t Hoog & Jeroen Kemperman

Chapter 10

Lessons for creating brilliant business models in healthcare

10.1 Phase 1: Start from a vision and bring the brand positioning in line with it

10.2 Phase 2: Persevere consistently in the conversion of the vision into the business model

10.3 Phase 3: Use pioneering value creation for all stakeholders to realize the business model

10.4 Phase 4: Retain the core and stimulate progress in the business model


Key terms and definitions



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Case authors


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        Brilliant Business Models in Healthcare