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Workplace Innovation

Theory, Research and Practice

Gebonden Engels 2017 9783319563329
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This book focuses on workplace innovation, which is a key element in ensuring that organizations and the people within them can adapt to and engage in healthy, sustainable change. It features a collection of multi-level, multi-disciplinary contributions that combine theory, research and practical perspectives.

In addition, the book presents new perspectives from a number of nations on policies with novel theoretical approaches to workplace innovation, as well as international case studies on the subject. These cases highlight the role of leadership, the relation between workplace innovation and well-being, as well as the do’s and don’ts of workplace innovation implementation.

Whether you are an experienced workplace practitioner, manager, a policy-maker, unionist, or a student of workplace innovation, this book contains a range of tips, tools and international case studies to help the reader understand and implement workplace innovation.


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-Introduction: The Need to Uncover the Field of Workplace Innovation
Pot, Frank D. (et al.)
Pages 1-8
-European Policy on Workplace Innovation
Pot, Frank D. (et al.)
Pages 11-26
-National and Regional Policies to Promote and Sustain Workplace Innovation
Alasoini, Tuomo (et al.)
Pages 27-44
-Why Industrie 4.0 Needs Workplace Innovation—A Critical Essay About the German Debate on Advanced Manufacturing
Howaldt, Jürgen (et al.)
Pages 45-60
-Theoretical Approaches Supporting Workplace Innovation
Oeij, Peter R. A. (et al.)
Pages 63-78
-Evidence of Workplace Innovation from Organisational and Economic Studies
Dhondt, Steven (et al.)
Pages 79-94
-Workplace Innovation and Wellbeing at Work
Pot, Frank D.
Pages 95-110
-Workplace Innovation and Wellbeing at Work: A Review of Evidence and Future Research Agenda
Jain, Aditya (et al.)
Pages 111-128
-Framing Workplace Innovation Through an Organisational Psychology Perspective: A Review of Current WPI Studies
Costantini, Arianna (et al.)
Pages 131-147
-Implementing Workplace Innovation Across Europe: Why, How and What?
Oeij, Peter R. A. (et al.)
Pages 149-169
-Workplace Innovation as Institutional Entrepreneurship
Hvid, Helge (et al.)
Pages 171-187
-Creating the Bottom-up Organisation from the Top: Leaders as Enablers of Workplace Innovation
Totterdill, Peter (et al.)
Pages 189-207
-Lean as a Tool for Local Workplace Innovation in Hospitals
Starheim, Liv (et al.)
Pages 209-225
-Workplace Innovation Context in Poland: Between Structure and Agency
Strumińska-Kutra, Marta (et al.)
Pages 227-243
-Workplace Innovation and the Quality of Working Life in an Age of Uberisation
Warhurst, Chris (et al.)
Pages 245-259
-Towards the High Road of Workplace Innovation in Europe? An Illustration of the Usefulness of the Dataset of the European Working Conditions Survey
Parent-Thirion, Agnès (et al.)
Pages 261-277
-Towards a Total Workplace Innovation Concept Based on Sociotechnical Systems Design
Amelsvoort, Pierre (et al.)
Pages 281-299
-Five Steps to Develop Workplace Innovation
Dhondt, Steven (et al.)
Pages 301-319
-Management Practices for Promoting Employee-Driven Innovation
Hansen, Kåre (et al.)
Pages 321-338
-How Can Work and Organisational Psychologists Fortify the Practice of Workplace Innovation?
Karanika-Murray, Maria (et al.)
Pages 339-353
-Case Studies Can Support Definitions of Workplace Innovation in Practice
Vaas, Fietje (et al.)
Pages 355-373
-From Automated Defensive Behaviour to Innovation Resilience Behaviour: A Tool for Resilient Teamwork as an Example of Workplace Innovation
Oeij, Peter R. A.
Pages 375-396
-Conclusion: The Way Forward with Workplace Innovation
Oeij, Peter R. A. (et al.)
Pages 399-410

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