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Explore ATtiny Microcontrollers using C and Assembly Language

AVR Architecture and Programming

Paperback Engels 2021 9783895764790
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An in-depth look at the 8-bit AVR architecture found in ATtiny and ATmega microcontrollers, mainly from a software and programming point of view. Explore the AVR architecture using C and assembly language in Microchip Studio (formerly Atmel Studio) with ATtiny microcontrollers.

- Learn the details of how AVR microcontrollers work internally, including the internal registers and memory map of ATtiny devices.
- Program ATtiny microcontrollers using an Atmel-ICE programmer/debugger, or use a cheap hobby programmer, or even an Arduino Uno as a programmer.
-Most code examples can be run using the Microchip Studio AVR simulator.
- Learn to write programs for ATtiny microcontrollers in assembly language.
- See how assembly language is converted to machine code instructions by the assembler program.
- Find out how programs written in the C programming language end up as assembly language and finally as machine code instructions.
- Use the Microchip Studio debugger in combination with a hardware USB programmer/debugger to test assembly and C language programs, or use the Microchip Studio AVR simulator.
- DIP packaged ATtiny microcontrollers are used in this volume for easy use on electronic breadboards, targeting mainly the ATtiny13(A) and ATtiny25/45/85.
- Learn about instruction timing and clocks in AVR microcontrollers using ATtiny devices.
- Be on your way to becoming an AVR expert with advanced debugging and programming skills.


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Over Warwick A. Smith

Warwick A. Smith is an electronics engineer and embedded programmer from South Africa with experience in industrial, commercial and aerospace related industries. Warwick has a wide interest in various fields of technology, including embedded systems hardware, software, and information technology. His writing style has been described as "clear and concise" as well as "conversational and friendly".

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        Explore ATtiny Microcontrollers using C and Assembly Language