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How to create a Risk-Aware Culture & Empowerment

Paperback Engels 2019 9789083037004
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Are you in control, and do you know all the security risks in your organisation? Has your IT department been telling you they are in control by implementing baselines? Do you have the feeling you are squeezed between regulations and emerging threats while the auditors tell you 'You are compliant'? Does your gut feeling tell you to do things differently? Let us inspire you to approach risk management in a refreshing way. This will lead you to get a grip on knowing the real risks, and lead you through the maze of security and continuity, addressing the relevant risks and reaching an optimum at any given moment in time, being able to rapidly adapt to new situations and connect doing business with security.

The focus is on doing business in a controlled way. Use our approach and concepts to think differently, to be more successful, and be in control. Our approach, validated by Paul Proctor from Gartner, is based on more than twenty years of experience, and trial and error. It's not just a method on paper, but a real proven approach that works. 'This way of thinking opened the possibility to provide mobile devices fit for use and proved to our management that the risks were manageable.'


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1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. The changing world of security
-Needs of the business
-The common approach and hidden baselines
-Why managers want baselines that don’t work
4. A different view
-Focus, bright spots and intersubjectivity
-A fundamentally different approach
-Accountability, one step further
-Abandoning the old
5. Tapping into reality
-Benefits of peer intervision
-The method and its results
-Summary of the approach
-Plan, do, check, act
6. Connecting two worlds
-Business and service delivery
-Focusing measures, Pcigo
-Speak business
-Balancing demand and supply
7. Involvement
-No plausible deniability and explicit handoff
-Compliance, control, and in control
-Crisis escalation
8. The new CISO
-The changing role
-Tasks, position, skills and governing principles
9. In control
-Metrics, information, or knowledge
-Threats and weaknesses
-Four types of measures
-Service packages and cohesion
10. Risk-Aware Culture and Empowerment
-Tying together the concepts
-Taking responsibility
11. How we got there
-Early stages of development
-Our challenges in implementing RACE
-The key elements for success in developing RACE
-Some advice
12. Glossary
13. Literature

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        How to create a Risk-Aware Culture & Empowerment