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Seven insights for more flow in your business and your life

Paperback EN 2022 9789460000607
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FLOW can briefly be defined as ‘the optimal state of experience’. In FLOW we experience the kind of happiness that small children are in most of the time – the kind that does not need an external reason. It is the happiness of ‘unconditioned being’. This original state can become hidden, but it is never lost. In FLOW, it comes to the foreground again. We know it by being it.

FLOW is a state of inner alignment, spontaneous creativity and full access to intuition, inspiration and inner wisdom. We fall out of FLOW when we move into resistance and frustration. Our biggest frustration - whether we are conscious of it or not - is not to be able to express who we really are. Living in FLOW means living from our true potential rather than being caught up in defensive patterns and social conditioning.

By clarifying the ‘laws of being’ that are not taught in school, this book aims to be a guide towards more flow in your life and in your business. FLOW is how we are meant to live: happy, healthy, fulfilled, free and abundantly. How do we lose our access to FLOW and how can that be mended? What are the suppressors of FLOW and what are its catalysts? This is what this book is about.

Are you ready for the journey?


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        Seven insights for more flow in your business and your life