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The Product Samurai

A Product Manager's Guide to Continuous Innovation

Gebonden Engels 2016 9789462287860
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With agile practices becoming the standard, the call for product leadership has never been louder. Meanwhile, product managers are drowning in feature alignment and internal takeholder discussions; slowed by technical and organizational complexity; and crippled by risk-averse company cultures. How can they focus on clear market outcomes when fear and uncertainty cloud the way?

Long ago the Samurai learned that agility in itself was not enough. They understood that leadership comes from an unwavering vision, clear values and the relentless exercise of martial arts training practices, or katas.

The way of 'The Product Samurai' is not merely a collection of tactics; it is the mastery of a strategic role that directly influences revenue, customer retention, and awareness. The purpose extends beyond the positioning and growth of a single product; it encompasses entire product lines and business as a whole. By applying katas to product leadership, we can wield the “sword of agility” to make products right, and to make the right products.

Read it, practice and follow the path to develop great products that people actually want and make the world a better place.

“Read at your own peril. This book will change the way you manage your products.”


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Henny Portman | 6 december 2016
Chris Lukassen wrote the book The Product Samurai. A Product Manager’s guide to continuous innovation. An easy to read book to get a good idea of the Product Manager’s role within an agile environment, with lots of examples, techniques to be used, figures, and tables and on many places analogies with martial art experiences and great black and white martial art pictures of the author himself with quotes.Lees verder


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The Product Samurai - A Product Manager's Guide to Continuous Innovation
Chris Lukassen 2 december 2016 ‘Prachtig hoor dat Agile werken, maar op de bottom-line zien we geen verschil. Het lijkt wel of Agile een doel op zich geworden is.’ Herkenbaar? Veel ondernemingen die de stap gemaakt hebben naar een andere manier van werken wachten vergeefs op de beloofde resultaten. Waarom werkt het niet?


Prelude – Before we begin

Part 1: Why you should not read this book
-The gentle art
-Being a product samurai
-A tactical guide to reading

Part 2: Vision
-Road mapping

Part 3: Winning

Part 4: Crafting

Part 5: Leaving the Dojo
-Application guidelines
-Recommended follow up
-About the author
-Special thanks

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