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Fresh Place

Why people love La Place

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2014 9789490085544
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The Dutch restaurant concept La Place wants to become a global retail chain. Owner Sun Capital has the ambition to expand the brand. Over 28 years La Place has received international acclaim from food lovers, retail experts and competitors. Its restaurant and cafes promise freshly prepared products, front cooking, natural ingredients, local sourcing and dedicated staff.

La Place has won the hearts and whet the appetites of millions of Dutch customers through all walks of life, young and old. Now La Place is hungry to conquer the hearts of consumers in Europe, USA, South East Asia and the Middle East. A La Place branded restaurant has opened in Googles New York office.

This book presents unique insights, based on extensive conversations with founder and food pioneer Paul Bringmann and ceo Bart van den Nieuwenhof. Additionally Google explains its vision on food why La Place helps the global brand give its employees fresh, healthy and nutritious food.


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Over Rupert Parker Brady

Rupert Parker Brady is gespecialiseerd in retail en marketing. Hij is founding editor van de tijdschriften RetailTribune en MarketingTribune; geestelijk vader van de Retailer van het jaar en de Elsevier Retail Summit. Naast zijn werkzaamheden als uitgever en auteur van Retaildenkers, is Rupert actief als hoofdredacteur van RetailVisie, een platform over steden.

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Over Maarten Beernink

Maarten Beernink is gespecialiseerd in foodretail en foodservice en werkte onder meer voor supermarktmedia Distrifood en Foodmagazine. Hij is verbonden aan het FoodService Instituut (FSIN) als expert foodservice en blogt over klantgericht ondernemen. Als hoofdredacteur van Elsevier Retail interviewde hij talloze topondernemers in de totale retailbranche. Maarten is uitgever en auteur van Retaildenkers.

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Why this book?

Bart van den Nieuwenhof, ceo La Place
Michiel Bakker (director Global Food Services Google Inc)
Gretel Weiss (editor in chief Foodservice)
The mission of Paul Bringmann, founder La Place
Maxim 1: let the cobbler stick to his last
Maxim 2: you can’t be just a little bit pregnant
Maxim 3: mastery reveals itself in its confinement
Maxim 4: no guts, no glory
Maxim 5: good people make good products
Maxim 6: only do what you really believe in
Maxim 7: price yields volume, volume yields price
Maxim 8: making restaurants entails constant innovation


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