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Make Disruption Work

Henny Portman | 30 september 2019

strong>Alexandra Jankovich and Tom Voskes wrote the book Make Disruption Work – a CEO handbook for digital transformation. Everybody is talking about digital disruption. It will continue impacting every sector and industry and creating new ways for companies to serve customers better, faster and cheaper. Those companies that adapt and make disruption work for them, win big; those that don’t get boiled like frogs.

The book is built around the 5D model. Each step has its own chapter with explanations of the key points in that step and related examples of existing companies. The final part of the book is dedicated to three case studies. The chocolate world (de-decentralizing: autonomous-owners to everyone-wants-in), Dealcraze.com (back from the brink: data saves) and Prospect & Micawber (safety through risk). The case studies are detailed and risk, covering not only the sunny side, but also the gritty problems and misconceptions faced, as well as key case data.

The 5D model:
- Discover the new world. CEOs ask: ‘How is my industry going to be disrupted?’ Start by looking up
- Define how to act. The game has changed. There are six new rules, and seven strategies to match
- Determine what you need. Organize to deliver speed and disruption, and approach tech right
- Drive the change. Get your capabilities, get your team, go!
- Delight in the new world. Lead, act, and tell the story.

Download: QRC (make disruption work, 190821) v1.0

Conclusion: The book is easy to read, easy to digest, and visually attractive. By following the 5D model you get a lot of useful advice for senior leaders how to cope with disruption and how to make disruption work for you.

Over Henny Portman

Henny Portman is eigenaar van Portman PM[O] Consultancy en biedt begeleiding bij het invoeren en verbeteren van project-, programma- en portfoliomanagement inclusief het opzetten en verder ontwikkelen van PMO's. Hij is auteur en blogger en publiceert regelmatig artikelen.

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