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Team Genius

The New Science of High-Performing Organizations

Ingenaaid Engels 2015 9780062302540
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A groundbreaking book that sheds new light on the vital importance of teams as the fundamental unit of organization and competition in the global economy.

Teams—we depend on them for both our professional success and our personal happiness. But isn't it odd how little scrutiny we give them? The teams that make up our lives are created mostly by luck, happenstance, or circumstance—but rarely by design. In trivial matters—say, a bowling team, the leadership of a neighborhood group, or a holiday party committee—success by serendipity is already risky enough. But when it comes to actions by fast-moving start-ups, major corporations, nonprofit institutions, and governments, leaving things to chance can be downright dangerous.

Offering vivid reports of the latest scientific research, compelling case studies, and great storytelling, Team Genius shows managers and executives that the planning, design, and management of great teams no longer have to be a black art. It explores solutions to essential questions that could spell the difference between success and obsolescence. Do you know how to reorganize your subpar teams to turn them into top performers? Can you identify which of the top-performing teams in your company are reaching the end of their life span? Do you have the courage to shut them down? Do you know how to create a replacement team that will be just as effective—without losing time or damaging morale? And, most important, are your teams the right size for the job?

Throughout, Rich Karlgaard and Michael S. Malone share insights and real-life examples gleaned from their careers as journalists, analysts, investors, and globetrotting entrepreneurs, meeting successful teams and team leaders to reveal some "new truths":

-The right team size is usually one fewer person than what managers think they need.
-The greatest question facing good teams is not how to succeed, but how to die.
-Good "chemistry" often makes for the least effective teams.
-Cognitive diversity yields the highest performance gains—but only if you understand what it is.
-How to find the "bliss point" in team intimacy—and become three times more productive.
-How to identify destructive team members before they do harm.
-Why small teams are 40 percent more likely to create a successful breakthrough than a solo genius is.
-Why groups of 7 (± 2), 150, and 1,500 are magic sizes for teams.

Eye-opening, grounded, and essential, Team Genius is the next big idea to revolutionize business.


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Over Rich Karlgaard

Rich Karlgaard is the publisher of Forbes magazine and author of its “Innovation Rules” column. He has been a longtime panelist on cable TV’s most popular business show, as well as a successful entrepreneur; Karlgaard co-founded Upside magazine, Garage.com, and Silicon Valley’s premier business forum, the 7,500-member Churchill Club. He is a past regional winner of Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. Karlgaard, a Stanford graduate, resides in Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit RichKarlgaard.com.

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Over Michael Malone

Michael S. Malone is tech journalist voor onder meer Wall Street Journal en schrijver van een twaalftal boeken.

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