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Character Strengths and Virtues

Gebonden Engels 2004 9780195167016
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This groundbreaking handbook of human strengths and virtues is the first progress report from a prestigious group of researchers in the Values in Action Classification Project, which has undertaken a systematic classification and measurement of universal strengths and virtues.

This landmark work makes possible for the first time a science of human strengths that goes beyond armchair philosophy and political science. The handbook begins with the background of the VIA classification scheme and defines terms before describing in thorough detail the current state of knowledge with respect to each of the 24 character strengths in the classification. Addressing issues of assessment and measurement, practical applications, and directions for future research, this work will demand the attention of any pscyhologist who is interested in positive psychology and its relevance to clinical, personality, and social psychology.


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Over Christopher Peterson

Christopher Peterson, Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan, USA

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Over Martin Seligman

Martin Seligman, Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, USA

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Part 1: Background
1. Introduction to a "Manual of the Sanities"
2. Universal Virtues? - Lessons from History
3. Previous Classifications of Character Strengths

Part 2: Strengths of Character
Strengths of Wisdom and Knowledge
4. Creativity [Originality, Ingenuity]
5. Curiosity [Interest, Novelty-Seeking, Openness to Experience]
6. Open-Mindedness [Judgement, Critical Thinking]
7. Love of Learning
8. Perspective [Wisdom]
Strengths of Courage
9. Bravery [Valor]
10. Persistence [Perseverance, Industriousness]
11. Integrity [Authenticity, Honesty]
12. Vitality [Zest, Enthusiasm, Vigor, Energy]
Strengths of Humanity
13. Love
14. Kindness [Generosity, Nurturance, Care, Compassion, Altruistic Love, "Niceness"]
15. Social Intelligence [Emotional Intelligence, Personal Intelligence]
Strengths of Justice
16. Citizenship [Social Responsibility, Loyalty, Teamwork]
17. Fairness
18. Leadership
Strengths of Temperance
19. Forgiveness and Mercy
20. Modesty and Humility
21. Prudence
22. Self-Regulation [Self-Control]
Strengths of Transcendence
23. Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence [Awe, Wonder, Elevation]
24. Gratitude
25. Hope [Optimism, Future-Mindedness, Future Orientation]
26. Humor [Playfulness]
27. Spirituality [Religiousness, Faith, Purpose]

Part 3: Conclusions
28: Assessment and Applications

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        Character Strengths and Virtues