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When Managers Rebel

Gebonden Engels 2010 9780230277861
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Employee and manager rebellions occur more often than you might think. This book argues how important it is to take these protests seriously. The authors demonstrate that when middle managers rebel, they aren't just letting off steam, and that their acts of creative protest can even produce benefits for their companies. Rebellion can pay off!




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What on Earth am I Doing Here? The Road to Rebellion An Overlooked Phenomenon A Phenomenon Unlike any Other An Outline of this Book and its Players An Offer I couldn't Refuse Patrick and Scotland Michael and the Redundancy Plan Three Observations for Further Discussion Early Signs of Rebellion  The Disarray of the Rebel Who Dares Bruno, Shaken By his own Boldness A State of Confusion Private Lives Intervene How Philip Signed on to an Existing Rebellion Whose Fault is It? Management Spaces Prison Principles Like a Playground Fuel for Rebellion The Spark that Sets Off the Blaze The Force of the Locker Room The Dynamics of Rebellion Getting Others Involved Mark and the Support of the R&D Community Antonin on when Bankers Revolt The Gestation of Rebellion An Emotional Plane A Clique The 'official' Line A Professional Agenda Special Skills Leadership A Way Out Rebellion and Change The Paradox of Bureaucracy Alchemy for Change Constructive Ambivalence How to Succeed at Rebellion What Happens Tomorrow to Today's Rebels? Those Who Leave Those Who Stay Those Who Move Up Those Who Change Creative Rebellion  The Different Levels of Creative Rebellion The Drivers of Creative Rebellion The Neo-professional The Communitarian The Equilibrist Different Types of Creative Rebellion Creative Rebels' Resources Julie in a Man's World Gender and Generation When Private Lives Fight Back Go-betweens with the Other World The Forbidden Zone Qualitative and Local Stakes Exiting Rebellion's Vicious Circle Never Forget the People Down Below This is no Paper Tiger The Ruses of Power Other Generations, Same Lack of Trust Bureaucracy Forever An Alternative - Polyarchy Dealing With Divergent Views in Political Terms Adversaries, not Enemies Polyarchy is not Anarchy The Future Beckons A Mixed Picture Various Possible Outcomes

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        When Managers Rebel