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Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies: Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior

Paperback Engels 2008 9780932633675
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Adrenaline junkies, dead fish, project sluts, true believers, Lewis and Clark, template zombies . . .

Most developers, testers, and managers on IT projects are pretty good at recognizing patterns of behavior and gut-level hunches, as in, "I sense that this project is headed for disaster." But it has always been more difficult to transform these patterns and hunches into a usable form, something a team can debate, refine, and use. Until now.

In 'Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies', the six principal consultants of The Atlantic Systems Guild present the patterns of behavior they most often observe at the dozens of IT firms they transform each year, around the world.

The result is a quick-read guide to identifying nearly ninety typical scenarios, drawing on a combined one-hundred-and-fifty years of project management experience. Project by project, you'll improve the accuracy of your hunches and your ability to act on them.

The patterns are presented in an easy-reference format, with names designed to ease communication with your teammates. In just a few words, you can describe what's happening on your project. Citing the patterns of behavior can help you quickly move those above and below you to the next step on your project.

You'll find classic patterns such as these:
- News Improvement
- Management By Mood Ring
- Piling On
- Rattle Yer Dags
- Natural Authority
- Food++
- Fridge Door
- and more than eighty more!

Not every pattern will be evident in your organization, and not every pattern is necessarily good or bad. However, you'll find many patterns that will apply to your current and future assignments, even in the most ambiguous circumstances. When you assess your situation and follow your next hunch, you'll have the collective wisdom of six world-class consultants at your side.


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Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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1. Adrenaline Junkies
2. Rattle Yer Dags
3. Dead Fish
4. Happy Clappy Meetings
5. Nanny
6. Referred Pain
7. Mañana
8. Eye Contact
9. Management By Mood Ring
10. True Believer
11. Lease Your Soul
12. System Development Lemming Cycle
13. No Bench
14. Face Time
15. I Gave You a Chisel. Why Aren't You Michelangelo?
16. Dashboards
17. Endless Huddle
18. Young Pups and Old Dogs
19. Film Critics
20. One Throat to Choke
Interlude: Project-Speak
21. Soviet Style
22. Natural Authority
23. The Too-Quiet Office
24. The White Line
25. Silence Gives Consent
26. Straw Man
27. Counterfeit Urgency
28. Time Removes Cards from Your Hand
29. Lewis & Clark
30. Short Pencil
31. Rhythm
32. The Overtime Predictor
33. Poker Night
34. False Quality Gates
35. Testing Before Testing
36. Cider House Rules
37. Talk Then Write
38. Project Sluts
39. Atlas
40. Everyone Wears Clothes for a Reason
41. Peer Preview
42. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
43. It's Always the Goddamned Interfaces
44. The Blue Zone
45. News Improvement
46. Telling the Truth Slowly
47. Practicing Endgame
48. The Music Makers
49. Journalists
50. The Empty Chair
51. My Cousin Vinny
52. Feature Soup
53. Data Qualty
54. Ben
55. Miss Manners
56. Undivided Attention
57. "There's No Crying in Baseball!"
58. Cool Hand Luke
59. Shipping On-Time, Every Time
60. Food++
61. Orphaned Deliverables
62. Hidden Beauty
63. I Don't Know
64. Children of Lake Wobegon
65. Co-Education
66. Seelenverwandtschaft
67. Phillips Head
68. Predicting Innovation
69. Marilyn Munster
Interlude: The Cutting Room Floor
70. Brownie in Motion
71. Loud and Clear
72. Safety Valve
73. Babel
74. Surprise!
75. Fridge Door
76. The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow
77. Piling On
78. Seasons for Change
79. Paper Mill
80. Offshore Follies
81. War Rooms
82. What Smell?
83. Lessons Unlearned
84. Sanctity of the Half-Baked Idea
85. Leakage
86. Template Zombies

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        Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies: Understanding Patterns of Project Behavior