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JavaScript – Novice to Ninja 2e

Paperback Engels 2017 9780995382626
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JavaScript is a must-have skill for all web developers. JavaScript: Novice to Ninja is a fun, practical, and comprehensive guide to the modern usage of this deceptively powerful language. The second edition of the book has been comprehensively updated and expanded to cover ECMAScript 6 and modern JavaScript development. This step-by-step introduction to coding in JavaScript will show you how to to solve real-world problems, design eye-catching animations, build smarter forms, and develop richer applications.

- Learn the basics of JavaScript programming: functions, methods, properties, loops and logic
- Use events to track user interactions
- Work with the document object model (DOM) and Ajax to dynamically update your pages
- Add smart functionality to your apps using HTML5’s powerful APIs
- Write robust, maintainable code
-Build a complete, working JavaScript quiz app from scratch

It’s an exciting time to be programming JavaScript, and it’s never too late to learn. In fact, if you are only just beginning to learn, you are lucky, as you’ll be able to ignore all its baggage from the past and focus on the exciting language it has become. Whatever level you’re at, you will get something from this book and enjoy programming in the language of the web!

This book is suitable for beginner-level web designers and developers. Some knowledge of HTML and CSS is assumed, but no previous programming experience is necessary.


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1. Hello, JavaScript
2. Programming Basics
3. Arrays Logic, and loops
4. Functions
5. Objects
6. The Document Object Model
7. Events
8. Forms
9. The Window Object
10. Testing and Debugging
11. Further Functions
12. Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript
13. Ajax
14. HTML5 APIs
15 Modern JavaScript Development
16. Next Steps

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        JavaScript – Novice to Ninja 2e