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Economies after Colonialism

Ghana and the Struggle for Power

Paperback Engels 2020 9781108444606
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Despite Ghana's strong democratic track record in recent decades, the economy remains underdeveloped. Industrial policies are necessary to transform the colonial trading economy that Ghana inherited at independence, but successive governments have been unwilling or unable to implement them.

In this highly original interpretation, supported by new empirical material, Lindsay Whitfield exposes the reasons for why the Ghanaian economy remains underdeveloped and sets her theory in the wider African context. She offers a new way of thinking about the political economy of Africa that charts a clear path away from defining Africa in terms of neopatrimonial politics and that provides new conceptual tools for addressing what kind of business-state relations are necessary to drive economic development.

As a study of Ghana that addresses both the economy and politics from early colonialism to the present day, this is a must-read for any student or scholar interested in the political economy of development in Africa.


Trefwoorden:economie, kolonialisme
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1. Ghanaian political economy and the politics of industrial policy
2. Origins of competitive clientelism and weak domestic capitalists
3. Return to competitive clientelism in the fourth republic
4. Economic growth, but maintaining the colonial trading economy
5. Challenges to diversifying exports: accessing global markets and learning to learn
6. Challenges to modernizing agro-processing: struggles over inputs, organizing smallholders, and enforcing contracts
7. NPP government and the not so 'Golden Age of Business'
8. NDC II Government and managing the new oil wealth.

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        Economies after Colonialism