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Exploring Arduino

Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry

Paperback Engels 2019
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The bestselling beginner Arduino guide, updated with new projects!

'Exploring Arduino' makes electrical engineering and embedded software accessible. Learn step by step everything you need to know about electrical engineering, programming, and human–computer interaction through a series of increasingly complex projects. Arduino guru Jeremy Blum walks you through each build, providing code snippets and schematics that will remain useful for future projects. Projects are accompanied by downloadable source code, tips and tricks, and video tutorials to help you master Arduino. You′ll gain the skills you need to develop your own microcontroller projects!

This new 2nd edition has been updated to cover the rapidly–expanding Arduino ecosystem, and includes new full–color graphics for easier reference. Servo motors and stepper motors are covered in richer detail, and you′ll find more excerpts about technical details behind the topics covered in the book. Wireless connectivity and the Internet–of–Things are now more prominently featured in the advanced projects to reflect Arduino′s growing capabilities. You′ll learn how Arduino compares to its competition, and how to determine which board is right for your project. If you′re ready to start creating, this book is your ultimate guide!

- Get up to date on the evolving Arduino hardware, software, and capabilities
- Build projects that interface with other devices wirelessly!
- Learn the basics of electrical engineering and programming
- Access downloadable materials and source code for every project

Whether you′re a first–timer just starting out in electronics, or a pro looking to mock–up more complex builds, Arduino is a fantastic tool for building a variety of devices. This book offers a comprehensive tour of the hardware itself, plus in–depth introduction to the various peripherals, tools, and techniques used to turn your little Arduino device into something useful, artistic, and educational. 'Exploring Arduino' is your roadmap to adventure start your journey today!


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Introduction xxv

Part I Arduino Engineering Basics 1
1 Getting Started and Understanding the Arduino Landscape 3
2 Digital Inputs, Outputs, and Pulse-Width Modulation 23
3 Interfacing with Analog Sensors 47

Part II Interfacing with Your Environment 67
4 Using Transistors and Driving DC Motors 69
5 Driving Stepper and Servo Motors 99
6 Making Sounds and Music 125
7 USB Serial Communication 141
8 Emulating USB Devices 171
9 Shift Registers 183

Part III Communication Interfaces 199
10 The I2C Bus 201
11 The SPI Bus and Third-Party Libraries 223
12 Interfacing with Liquid Crystal Displays 247

Part IV Digging Deeper and Combining Functions 273
13 Interrupts and Other Special Functions 275
14 Data Logging with SD Cards 295

Part V Going Wireless 337
15 Wireless RF Communications 339
16 Bluetooth Connectivity 363
17 Wi-Fi and the Cloud 399

Appendix A: Deciphering Datasheets and Schematics 451

Index 461

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        Exploring Arduino