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Contemporary Social and Sociological Theory: Visualizing Social Worlds

Paperback Engels 2013 9781412992770
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In the Third Edition of Ken Allan's highly-praised Contemporary Social and Sociological Theory book, sociological theories and theorists are explored using a straightforward approach and conversational, jargon-free language.

Filled with examples drawn from everyday life, this edition highlights diversity in contemporary society, exploring theories of race, gender, and sexuality that address some of today's most important social concerns. Through this textbook students will learn to think theoretically and apply theory to their own lives.


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Part I: Introductions
Chapter 1: In the Beginning Was Modernity
Chapter 2: Defining Moments in Twentieth-Century Theory - Talcott Parsons and the Frankfurt School

Part II: Individuals and Situations
Chapter 3: The Language of the Self - Herbert Blumer
Chapter 4: Imaging the Self - Erving Goffman
Chapter 5: Achieving Social Order - Harold Garfinkel
Chapter 6: Social Exchanges - George Homans, Peter Blau, and Randall Collins

Part III: Social Structures and Systems
Chapter 7: Structures of Racial and Gender Inequality - William Julius Wilson and Janet Saltzman Chafetz
Chapter 8: Structuring Class - Pierre Bourdieu
Chapter 9: Structures of Power - Michel Foucault
Chapter 10: World-Systems Theory - Immanuel Wallerstein
Chapter 11: The Network Society - Manual Castells

Part IV: Modernity - Possibilities and Problems
Chapter 12: Reason and Democracy - Jürgen Habermas
Chapter 13: Civil Society and Democracy - Jeffrey C. Alexander
Chapter 14: Runaway Modernity - Anthony Giddens

Part V: Contemporary Political Identities
Chapter 15: Being Black in America - Patricia Hill Collins and Cornel West
Chapter 16: Text, Power, and Women - Dorothy E. Smith
Chapter 17: Exposing Sex - Judith Butler

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        Contemporary Social and Sociological Theory: Visualizing Social Worlds