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Data Modeling and Database Design

Gebonden Engels 2007 9781423900832
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'Data Modeling and Database Design' presents a conceptually complete coverage of indispensable topics that each MIS student should learn if that student takes only one database course. Database design and data modeling encompass the minimal set of topics addressing the core competency of knowledge students should acquire in the database area. The text, rich examples, and figures work together to cover material with a depth and precision that is not available in more introductory database books.

- Offers substantial coverage of higher degree relationships and other complex relationships in the entity-relationship diagram.
- Presents unique features under the topic of normalization rarely found in business database books.
- Includes in-depth coverage of relational algebra supported by a significant number of examples of their operationalization in ANSI/ISO SQL.
- Provides a plethora of diagrams, boxes, and tables that visually reinforce key concepts.
- Features exercises at the end of each chapter that provide opportunity for practice and skill application.
- Features challenging end-of-chapter exercises that provide opportunity to learn and assimilate through practice.


Aantal pagina's:698
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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1. Database Systems: Architecture and Components

Part 1: Coceptual Data modeling
2. Foundation Concepts
3. Entity-Relationship Modeling
4. Enhanced Entity-Relationship (EER) Modeling
5. Modeling Complex Relationships

Part 2: Logical Data Modeling
6. The Relational Data Model

Part 3: Normalization
7. Functional Dependencies
8. Normal Forms Based on Functional Dependencies
9. Higher Normal Forms
10. Database Creation
11. Data Manipulation: Relational Algebra and SQL
12. Advanced Data Manipulation Using SQL

Appendix A: Data Modeling Architectures Based on the Inverted Tree and Network Data Structures
Appendix B: Object-Oriented Data Modeling Architectures
Appendix C: Overview of SQL Reserved Words
Appendix D: SQL SELECT Statement Features


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        Data Modeling and Database Design