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Java 8 Lambdas

Functional Programming for the Masses

Paperback Engels 2014
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If you’re a developer with core Java SE skills, this hands-on book takes you through the language changes in Java 8 triggered by the addition of lambda expressions. You'll learn through code examples, exercises, and fluid explanations how these anonymous functions will help you write simple, clean, library-level code that solves business problems.

Lambda expressions are a fairly simple change to Java, and the first part of the book shows you how to use them properly. Later chapters show you how lambda functions help you improve performance with parallelism, write simpler concurrent code, and model your domain more accurately, including building better DSLs.

- Use exercises in each chapter to help you master lambda expressions in Java 8 quickly
- Explore streams, advanced collections, and other Java 8 library improvements
- Leverage multicore CPUs and improve performance with data parallelism
- Use techniques to "lambdify" your existing codebase or library code
- Learn practical solutions for lambda expression unit testing and debugging
- Implement SOLID principles of object-oriented programming with lambdas
- Write concurrent applications that efficiently perform message passing and non-blocking I/O


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Over Richard Warburton

Richard is an empirical technologist and solver of deep-dive technical problems. He has professionally worked on static analysis problems, verifying part of a compiler and developing advanced automated bug detection technology. More recently his career has been focussed on data analytics for high performance computing. He is a leader in the London Java Community, sits on their JCP Committee and organises the Adopt-a-JSR programs for Lambdas and Date and Time in Java 8. Richard is also a known conference speaker, having talked at JavaOne, DevoxxUK and JAX London. He obtained a PhD in Computer Science from The University of Warwick where his research focussed on compiler theory.

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1. Introduction
2. Lambda Expressions
3. Streams
4. Libraries
5. Advanced Collections and Collectors
6. Data Parallelism
7. Testing, Debugging, and Refactoring
8. Design and Architectural Principles
9. Lambda-Enabled Concurrency
10. Moving Forward


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        Java 8 Lambdas