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Simulations in Swift 5

Design and Implement with Swift Playgrounds

Paperback Engels 2019
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Design and implement simulations using Apples Swift Playgrounds. Computer simulations are used to replicate the physical systems we see all around us. They help us solve problems by performing experiments that may otherwise be impossible in the real world. This book uses simulations to solve counter-intuitive logic puzzles, create procedural artworks, and build habitats for digital lifeforms.

To help you create your own simulations using the Swift programming language, this book is filled with projects that you can easily follow along with. All you need is a Mac with the latest version of Xcode installed. All projects are written in Xcode’s Playgrounds. This keeps the process simple. No need to setup an Apple account, or learn anything further about building apps.

Simulations are used in many areas within computer science and yet, barely anyone is teaching them. Sure, the fundamentals are in algorithm design, but simulations are a step above that. Usually when writing an algorithm you have a specific outcome in mind. However, when you create a simulation, the system you are modelling can be far more unpredictable than sorting a list, or navigating a maze. Simulations in Swift 5 will guide you through all of this.

What You'll Learn
- Simulate situations with advanced algorithms to solve advanced problems
- Incorporate real-world physics into simulated problems
- Predict biological and other systems behavior and the outcome of events based on presented factors

Who This Book Is For
Swift programmers interested in tackling fun projects in Swift involving advanced algorithms and factors


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Simulations in Swift 5

1: Swift Playgrounds
2: Monty Hall Problem
3: Guessing Game
4: Theatre Seating
5: Projectile Motion
6: Live Views
7: Game of Life
8: The Forest Part 1
9: The Forest Part 2

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        Simulations in Swift 5